Beyond Titles and Tags: Introducing Deep Search

Enablix Deep Search

Picture this: You’re looking for a presentation you gave to a prospect in EMEA (or was it APAC?) a few months ago. You don’t quite remember the name of the prospect, or the specifics around the meeting itself, but you remember a really killer graphic you put together that would work for an upcoming meeting. […]

Nail your Go-To-Market Content Strategy Every Release with Enablix Content Kits

Enablix Content Kits help fuel your Go-To-Market Content Strategy

Every product marketer knows that a new product release isn’t over once the product is delivered – it’s just beginning. Every organization’s Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy hinges on product marketers effectively communicating the value of new features to the rest of the world, both internally and externally. But that creates an issue: with new education material […]

Turn your homepage into a content launch pad with Enablix Saved Searches

Enablix Saved Searches turn your homepage into a launchpad

We can all agree: The whole point of a content enablement platform is to make your content accessible to end users as quickly and simply as possible. But what do you do when finding your content gets complicated? Content discovery can sometimes feel like a chore for users with complex content needs – but not […]

User Corner: Personalizing a Content Page After a Meeting

In this edition: How to update and customize a content page for a meeting follow up. Recently, I experienced a common use case: I had a great sales meeting and I wanted to follow up with some answers and additional content.  I knew I wanted to create a content page, but there were three important things […]

It’s Here: The Enablix Chrome Plugin

Enablix Chrome Plugin

Let’s face it: Everyone wants access to new tools, but no one has the time or energy to learn new platforms. This is especially true for anyone in sales enablement or product marketing, where you’re essentially tasked with enabling sales reps to more easily access and understand company content… but can’t add overhead or additional […]