Supporting MEDDIC/MEDDPICC and other Sales Methodologies in Enablix

MEDDPICC Methodology

At Enablix, we’re strong believers that your enablement platform should speak the same language that reps do. From the way that internal and external content is tagged and described to the way that assets are available to reps, enablement should be a natural extension of the rep’s workflow. So what does that mean for organizations […]

Making the Most out of Mutual Action Plans – Webinar Recap

office hours for mutual action plans

Whether you’re in sales or customer success, aligning and managing multiple stakeholders can be difficult. In this month’s edition of Enablix office hours, I sat down with Nick Ziech-Lopez to discuss one of my favorite Enablix features- Mutual Action Plans! Not only are they super useful for sales, but for customer success too, so I’ll […]

Enablement On The Go: Three Ways to Utilize the Enablix Mobile App

mobile app

Staying connected to your prospect no longer requires a computer. There are so many reasons we have to step away from our desks throughout the day, but with the speed of business, being unavailable can be risky. AEs and sales reps know that staying on top of prospect requests and accessing important content is imperative […]

3 Ways to Streamline Project Management with Enablix Mutual Action Plans

mutual action plan task

For technical enterprise sales that involve dozens of stakeholders, how do you effectively align and manage everyone to successfully close the deal? Large projects like onboarding and conducting POCs can be difficult to manage with many requirements and lots of players involved. So, what’s the best way to organize this? A google sheet? Emails back […]

Create Personalized Experiences at Scale with Guided Assembly by Enablix

prospect page

Creating microsites with Enablix, just got better. Sharing content with prospects using microsites is nothing new. With their ability to seamlessly share content with one link, and provide engagement analytics, they are the go-to way to share information with prospects. But, as impactful as microsites are, they haven’t always been quick to create. Between finding […]

Sales Engagement and Outreach using Enablix – Webinar Recap

Sales Engagement office hours

How do reps balance volume with content and message personalization? In this month’s edition of Enablix office hours, I sat down with Jennifer Johnson to discuss outreach, sales engagement, and how sales reps and outbound marketers can directly message prospects and customers using Enablix. We’ve introduced a few new features to help streamline this process […]

Why Prospect Content Engagement is the Leading Indicator to a Closed Deal

external content engagement

How productive could a sales rep be if they knew exactly when each deal would close? Predicting how quickly a sales opportunity will close is always difficult for a rep – and doubly so in today’s economic conditions. But knowing the time frame in which a deal is likely to close gives your team better […]

Combining Content and Learning Enablement with Enablix

enablix learning enablement

For sales reps, learning shouldn’t feel like another part-time job. For many reps, taking instructor-created curriculums just feels like a waste of time due to siloed learning management systems being kept away from everything else on their plate. This means any ‘training’ leads to less time selling, and takes away the impact that learning enablement […]

Sending Product Marketing Newsletters to the Sales Team with Enablix Broadcasts

enablix internal communication

How do you share content with your sales team? Product marketing and sales enablement teams spend a lot of time putting together content for the sales team. Whether it’s internal training material on a new feature or external e-books and guides to share with prospects, it’s no secret that content drives digital sales. The issue […]