Enablement On The Go: Three Ways to Utilize the Enablix Mobile App

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Staying connected to your prospect no longer requires a computer.

There are so many reasons we have to step away from our desks throughout the day, but with the speed of business, being unavailable can be risky. AEs and sales reps know that staying on top of prospect requests and accessing important content is imperative to a closed-won deal. But what if you could stay fully connected, and still leave your desk?

Take enablement on the go with the Enablix mobile app, so no matter where you are you can:

  • Stay connected with prospects and share content
  • Access learning materials and even complete courses
  • Check analytics and understand prospect engagement

Now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, the mobile app allows you to take the power of Enablix with you wherever you go. All the same great benefits and features you use everyday, can now be accessed from anywhere. Keep reading for 3 ways you can stay productive on the go.

Sharing content from the mobile app

Picture this: you’ve left your desk to run some mid-day errands when a prospect replies asking for pricing. Fast responses are key to satisfying customers and every minute that passes without a response puts that deal at risk. Don’t believe us? According to research by customer experience and marketing expert, Jay Baer, 64% of customers say that speed and responsiveness is as important as price when they’re deciding to make a purchase. 

Thankfully, you have the Enablix app and can access and share the pricing document in just a few seconds. With embedded emailing capabilities as well as slack, you can also share content without even leaving the app. No need to waste time copying and pasting links, or switching between apps. Quickly share content on the go, and access all the same features you would have if you were sitting at your desk, like analytics to track content engagement. 

Check out this video to see how easily content can be accessed and shared with the mobile app:

Learn On The Go with the Enablix Learning Module

Now let’s say you’re traveling and have some time to spare, but doom scrolling isn’t cutting it. Why not be productive and get a learning path or two out of the way?

Perhaps more likely… you get a reminder that a learning path is due tomorrow and now seems like a good time to get it done. With the Enablix mobile app, learning on the go is quick and easy. In just a few clicks you can be learning about channel selling or brushing up on your pitching skills. In the app you can view courses you’ve been enrolled in, view course materials, and complete assessments. Check out what this looks like:

But, completing learning paths isn’t the only way the Enablix mobile app can help you get ahead. Let’s say you’re about to go into a meeting with a prospect and want to prepare. Search for training materials in the content library or even review relevant sales plays to ensure you are always ready. 

Team Analytics on Mobile

Have you ever been enjoying your morning coffee and started wondering if that prospect you sent pricing to yesterday has viewed the content yet? You can now check up on those analytics quickly from your phone, without all the noise that comes with opening your laptop first thing in the morning. 

All the same analytics that you can access on your laptop, are available in the app too. See if specific prospects have viewed content, how long they viewed it and even follow up on email or slack all from within the mobile app. Watch this video to see what it looks like in action:

These analytics can be used to see how people are interacting with content that other members of your team have shared, to get an idea of how the sales pipeline is doing. Gauge prospect interest and answer key questions for marketing and sales in a meeting or on the go. Whether you’re looking for a quick overview or a full deep dive, the mobile app has got you covered. 

Stay connected from Anywhere

The Enablix mobile app takes the term “remote work” to a whole new level, allowing you to share content, complete learning paths and check analytics from anywhere. As long as you have your phone, you’re always able to show up for your customers and keep driving sales forward.

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