3 Ways to Streamline Project Management with Enablix Mutual Action Plans

mutual action plan task

For technical enterprise sales that involve dozens of stakeholders, how do you effectively align and manage everyone to successfully close the deal?

Large projects like onboarding and conducting POCs can be difficult to manage with many requirements and lots of players involved. So, what’s the best way to organize this? A google sheet? Emails back and forth? Both have their drawbacks that continue to make completing large projects feel like a hassle.

With mutual action plans from Enablix, you can now align and manage all your stakeholders alongside your content and training to break down silos and get the most out of your tools. Check it out:

Enablix mutual action plans outline the strategy for completing a project while also aligning all stakeholders. They combine everything from the project timeline to specific requirements that need to be completed, creating a single source of truth to keep everyone on the same page. Although typical mutual action plans are just used in the sales process, the features and capabilities that come from adding these plans into the Enablix platform, make them useful for many different use cases– Keep reading for 3 different ways Enablix mutual action plans can be used and the features that allow this tool to streamline communication and improve efficiency.

1. Onboard Customers Faster

Let’s say you’re a CSM in charge of onboarding a new customer. You likely have a spreadsheet full of tasks that is shared with the customer to try to keep everything on track. With no great way to delegate tasks, understanding who owns which tasks can get complicated. Adding in additional information or explanations can also be difficult with limited space and no easy way to link outside content. Plus, even if you are able to make this system work, it’s still another external tool that requires additional admin and upkeep. With little functionality and a lot of information to include, spreadsheets aren’t the most efficient way to manage the onboarding process.

mutual action plan task

Mutual action plans from Enablix give you and your customers one single source of truth for the onboarding process. Tag task owners, dates, information and even add content all in one place that is easy to access making it easy to delegate tasks and track progress. Plus, no more sending emails to check on progress, with email notifications every time a task is assigned or completed you get a single email notification automatically. 

"Having a mutual action plan like this is not only super functional, but also just looks great. I think the user-friendly UI makes the entire onboarding process look less overwhelming because everything is organized and I can add details and additional content for customers without it getting too crowded."

With a streamlined onboarding process, you can onboard customers faster and offer better support, which will likely also lead to better adoption rates too. No matter what KPIs you’re using, Enablix mutual action plans can help boost performance and improve the entire onboarding process.

2. Easily Conduct and Track POCs

For this use case, let’s say you’re an account executive offering a POC to your prospect. One of the main ways we see POCs fall short is from a lack of clear objectives. With tons of requirements to fulfill, not having an organized system could impact timelines and jeopardize the deal. 

Mutual action plans can help here too. Not only do they provide a central location to keep track of all tasks, but can help de-risk a purchase for your prospect and instill confidence. Being able to see the status of the POC at all times ensures prospects that you are engaged and committed to the deal.

Plus, by embedding a mutual action plan into an existing microsite, you can create a hub of knowledge for your prospect with everything they need to get the most out of their POC. With Enablix insights, you can even see when and how often prospects have opened the mutual action plan, as well as the overall microsite to get a better understanding of how engaged the prospect is and how likely the POC is to end in a deal. When mutual action plans are used earlier in the sales cycle, these analytics can even tell you how likely a deal is to close

Mutual action plans with Enablix help the POC run smoothly and offer clarity for everyone involved at any time, without the emails.

mutual action plan embedded in microsite

3. Organize Big Projects

Leading a big project for a customer? Organization can be a hassle, especially when there are a lot of players in and outside your company. Mutual action plans are helpful here to organize all the big and small tasks it takes to complete a large project. The benefits:

    • Single source of truth: Internal or external stakeholders can all view progress at any time to understand what has and hasn’t been done.
    • Easier to understand: The straightforward UI of Enablix mutual action plans make the entire project look less intimidating and each task look more manageable. 
    • Save time: Less emails back and forth checking on the status of tasks. All players can easily check on progress through the mutual action plan.


Mutual action plans have a ton of benefits for every stage of the customer journey, from a POC to onboarding to big projects. And the benefits go far beyond organization, helping you achieve goals and keep customers happy. 

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