Many of our friends don't disclose their pricing, but at Enablix - we're kind of proud of ours.


All your sales enablement content in one place. Not all over the place
$ 25 per user per month
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Visual Search
  • Pages & Microsites
  • Starter Content Workflows
  • Engagement Insights


Our simplified enablement solution. Boosted with automation and intelligence
$ 40 per user per month
  • Everything In Starter
  • Content Recommendations
  • Collaboration
  • Advanced Workflows
  • Content Attribution Insights
  • Dedicated Account Manager


Large team? Bespoke needs? Our team of experts will guide you.
  • Everything In Professional
  • CRM Integration
  • Partner Portals
  • Analytics Integration
  • Data Integrations
  • Volume Pricing





Content Organization & Portal
Metadata Management
Organize content with labels, content types, and properties to meet your business needs.
Unlimited Storage
Internal-Only Content Support
User Private Content
Sales users can save their content assets privately for sharing with prospects.
Content Kits
Create Sales Playbooks, Learning and Onboarding Kits, and other collections using content kits.
Mobile Apps
Multiple Homepages
Personalize portal experience with different homepages for different user profiles (e.g. Sales vs Customer Success).
Advanced Access Control
Define custom access profiles to control content access and manage sensitive content.
File Storage Integration
Use your company's cloud storage platform to save files added to Enablix.
Partner Portals
Custom Content Formats
Single Sign On
Advanced User Management
Content Discovery & Recommendation
Content Search
Visual Filtering
In Content Search (Roadmap)
Content Recommendations
Use our automated recommendation engine to serve relevant content to your sales users.
Opportunity Recommendations
Use CRM data to recommend relevant content at different stages of the sales opportunity stages.
Account Recommendations
Use CRM data to recommend relevant account-based content.
Content Sharing
In App Email
Share Using Links
Customize Link Behavior
Gmail And Outlook Add-On
Chrome Plugin
Share on Slack And Teams
Share using Embeds
Custom Link Profiles
Use link profiles to use content links in third party apps (e.g. email marketing tools).
Share Using Salesloft Plugin
Give your sales development team access to the entire content library in Salesloft using our Salesloft Plugin.
Share Using Plugin
Give your sales development team access to the entire content library in Salesloft using our Outreach Plugin
Share from CRM
Secured Sharing (Roadmap)
Content Experience
Content Pages And Microsites
Branded experience pages to share with prospects and customers.
Layout Templates
Branding & Personalization
Collaboration Support
Help cross-department users collaborate on a microsite or customer page (e.g. Sales & Customer Success account teams)
Custom Domains
Secured Content Pages
Support Custom Layouts
Account & Customer Hubs
Create content hubs to share content in an intuitive experience with your customers.
Content Approval Workflow
Allow your sales and customer-facing teams to contribute content without compromising quality.
Content Verification Workflow
Stay on top of content quality by verifying decaying content using the verification workflow.
Content Importing
Automate Content Sourcing
Avoid redundant content processes by automating content sourcing from content management systems (e.g. website CMS).
Feedback Workflow
Receive feedback on content assets from sales and customer facing team members.
Automated Quality Checks
Maintain a high-quality content governance process with the help of automated quality checks.
Automated Content Labeling
Insights & Reporting
Prospect Engagement Insights
Track prospect's content engagement. See what content and pages they are visiting, and for how long.
Sales Adoption Insights
Content Coverage Insights
Content Audit Exports
Reduce content audit time with one click content library exports.
Content Quality Reports
Attribution Insights
Tie content effectiveness with revenue dollars. See which assets were used in winning deals and make informed content investments.
Account Level Insights
Insights API Integration
Integrate content insights with third party analytics apps (e.g. Power BI, Looker)


Find Content When
It Matters Most.

Why Choose Enablix?

Consistently, Over 90% Rep Adoption

Reps love us because we are easy to use and we help reps close deals.

Easy to Maintain

Users spend less than two hours per week maintaining the content library because of built-in Content Intelligence.

Content Where the Reps Are

We integrate with your sales tech stack, making Enablix easy to use and get started.

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