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For sales reps, learning shouldn’t feel like another part-time job.

For many reps, taking instructor-created curriculums just feels like a waste of time due to siloed learning management systems being kept away from everything else on their plate. This means any ‘training’ leads to less time selling, and takes away the impact that learning enablement can have for your team. 

Continuous training is critical to drive revenue, but interrupting workflow and logging into yet another application can lead reps to despise it. With Enablix Learn, you can simplify your tech stack and combine learning, content and more, all in one place.


Enablix now combines the power of our content enablement suite with new learning management functionality for training and development. Available directly within the CRM, reps experience “Just-In-Time” training while enablement pros get a comprehensive suite of analytics to better measure sales readiness

Learning Shouldn’t Be a Part Time Job

To begin, let’s reiterate that continuous learning and training is absolutely critical for sales reps. Teams that invest in technology for sales training and development are 57% more effective than their competitors that don’t invest in training (Brevet, 2023).

And while enablement, training, and curriculum design teams often spend anywhere from weeks to months to create dedicated curriculums, many sales reps are forced to log into siloed learning solutions… making these courses feel more like ‘homework’ they have to get done before the due date.

There are a few issues at play here – Not only does siloed learning take time out of the sales rep’s day away from selling, it often isn’t contextual. For instance, reps might be assigned a scenario-based learning course to pitch a new product or benefit, but those products may not be what they’re selling right now, and may not be relevant for a few weeks. This isn’t just annoying, it’s not as effective – alternatively, continuous, relevant training has been shown to give 50% higher net sales per employee (ATD’s State of Sales Training Report).

You (Probably) Don’t Need a Dedicated LMS

So far, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about why dedicated learning management systems aren’t ideal for most organizations. But before we go on, I do want to call out explicit scenarios where dedicated LMS’s are a great solution:

  • Highly regulated environments with audit requirements (ie. banking, healthcare)
  • Specific or industry-standard training requirements that you’ve already built out
  • You don’t have sales content, and only need a learning system

While many learning platforms are great for large or expansive use cases, the most important aspect of training for the majority of midsize to ‘enterprise’ companies is continuous adoption. Siloed learning prevents continuous adoption and turns learning into homework – many LMS solutions will showcase great adoption statistics, but it’s because reps are assigned learning courses in these solutions. They literally have to use them, as it is a part of their job.

At Enablix, we have seen a combined CMS and LMS approach yield results. Let’s talk about how.

Learning and Content, Better Together

Enablix Learn, our integrated Learning Management System, fits directly within the Enablix CMS. See the video for more detail:

Built for enablement and training teams that need continuous adoption and ROI from their sales tech, Enablix Learn allows teams to easily create personalized learning paths and coaching assessments while interweaving learning materials directly into the sales rep’s daily flow.

And while we certainly aren’t the first product to combine a CMS and LMS, there are a few things that set Enablix Learn apart from other combined content and learning management systems:

Integrated Seller Analytics for Purposeful Coaching

One of the keys to the Enablix learning module is its ability to offer several opportunities for reps to learn – through structured learning paths or unstructured training recommendations directly within the CRM. 

A gigantic benefit to our CRM integration is the fact that reps will find and share content directly in the same portal they learn from – allowing for a comprehensive look at rep behavior and how learning impacts outcomes.

Simplify your Sales Tech Stack

Another benefit to Enablix’s combined learning and selling approach is that it isn’t just limited to internal and external content use cases for the sales team. It’s easy to expand to other revenue teams within the same platform:

  • Enablix for Partner Management gives channel sales teams the ability to share content, learning, and deal registration to  with channel partners to increase channel revenue
  • Enablix for Customer Enablement gives Customer Success teams the ultimate toolkit for raising NRR and upselling customers to new offerings

Expanding to additional use cases without the need to add other platforms increases overall team adoption (and ROI) of the software you purchase – allowing you to be both effective and budget-conscious going forward.

Revenue Enablement at Scale

Growing revenue teams use Enablix to arm their reps with the content and learning they need to be successful, without the heavy cost of maintenance that comes with many sales enablement tools on the market. If centralizing your sales tech stack is a priority, let us know, or click here to learn more.

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