Sales Engagement and Outreach using Enablix – Webinar Recap

Sales Engagement office hours

How do reps balance volume with content and message personalization?

In this month’s edition of Enablix office hours, I sat down with Jennifer Johnson to discuss outreach, sales engagement, and how sales reps and outbound marketers can directly message prospects and customers using Enablix. We’ve introduced a few new features to help streamline this process and better connect with prospects  – check it out below:

Effective Sales Engagement with Email Outreach at Scale

If reps have a piece of interesting or relevant content for their audience… they’ll likely want to send an email containing content to many people at once.

We’ve recently added the ability to message multiple prospects at the same time, for effective content sharing and syndication. To start office hours, I covered our ability to create plaintext and HTML emails with JJ:


  • You can now send a single email to up to 100 prospects at once, that will appear as a direct and personalized email in their inbox. This makes it faster and easier to send outreach with content directly from Enablix.
  • Along with the ability to send all at once, you can also track individual analytics for each recipient, giving you end-to-end insights to inform your outreach.
  • Emails can be sent as plaintext or HTML, giving you full control of the message and format

Full Cycle Prospect Engagement

Especially with long sales cycles, it can be difficult to keep track of every interaction you’ve had with a prospect. Enablix brings all these analytics together to give you a fully cycle look at engagement, helping you better understand where your prospect is at in their buyers journey.


  • Full-cycle analytics give full visibility into any time a prospect has received, interacted or downloaded an asset at any point in the buying journey, and are available within Enablix or your CRM
  • Engagement analytics can be doubly helpful for internal teams to understand which assets your reps are accessing and sharing with their teams for a better understanding of how content contributes to the sales cycle.

Track Emails in your CRM

We’ve talked before about how convenient integrations with your CRM can be, and in this webinar we highlight how they can be used to track email interactions too. Adding your CRM’s bcc to all emails you send from Enablix, ensures everything is getting tracked all in one place.


  • Set up a default bcc on all emails you’re sending from Enablix so all that information gets tracked within your CRM
  • Recording emails within Salesforce or Hubspot helps reps keep better track of their prospect interactions and provides a single source of truth for the entire org – especially when sharing content with prospects that aren’t actively in an opportunity
  • Emails sent from Enablix can optionally include personalized signatures – either plaintext or in nicer looking HTML 

Secure Content Sharing for a Single Prospect

There are a few scenarios where you might be sending content that is just for a single prospect and their org. With secure sharing, you can select which emails will be able to open the content, keeping that content private. 


  • Password-protect certain content so only those who are meant to see it, are able to get access.
  • Safely share price lists, customer stories or any other sensitive content in emails sent from within Enablix.

And that’s it! Join us next month for more of the latest and greatest from the Enablix platform.

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