Supporting MEDDIC/MEDDPICC and other Sales Methodologies in Enablix

MEDDPICC Methodology

At Enablix, we’re strong believers that your enablement platform should speak the same language that reps do. From the way that internal and external content is tagged and described to the way that assets are available to reps, enablement should be a natural extension of the rep’s workflow.

So what does that mean for organizations that use MEDDIC or MEDDPICC? How should enablement platforms support common sales methodologies? What do reps need?

Enablix works with any sales processes, frameworks or methodologies to help connect you with the content you need to quickly gain clarity, and move deals forward. In this blog, we’re talking about the MEDDPICC framework and how Enablix can offer specific content recommendations, based on where in the framework a deal is stuck. Keep reading for more on how we support methodologies, and why it might be more effective than what you’re using today.


MEDDIC and MEDDPICC are sales methodology used to understand and qualify deals in a b2b software environment. And while literally thousands of blogs and thinkpieces have described how to use these frameworks, it’s useful to briefly review what these acronyms stand for:

  • Metrics – What are the measures of success?
  • Economic Buyer – Who’s making the final budget decision?
  • Decision Criteria – How will the ‘best’ product be chosen?
  • Decision Process – What is the workflow and timeline of a decision made?
  • Paper Process – Separate from the decision process, what is the workflow to getting contract approval for a solution?
  • Implicate the Pain – Have we identified the explicit pains that the prospect is trying to solve with the product?
  • Champions – Do we have internal champions at this prospect that are actively working to choose our solution?
  • Competition – What other tools or solutions is the customer considering?

As qualification frameworks, these methodologies serve to help reps understand and fully qualify deals as they begin the selling process – and they’re wildly popular, with thousands of organizations using these frameworks to sell.

But for teams using an enablement platform, how do they ensure that the platform supports their methodology?

Using MEDDPICC in Enablix

In this video, Abby shows what this looks like for an AE that needs to gain clarity on a deal, ahead of a deal review meeting. Accessing the Enablix platform from within Salesforce, makes this process even quicker. She identifies a lack of clarity in the Decision Process, and filters the search for content that pertains to the industry and buyer persona. These filters produce internal and external content like discovery questions and infographics that can help this deal move forward.

Enabix integrates with your CRM and processes to create quick solutions for AE’s to find the resources they need to gain clarity on each and every deal. 

Close Deals faster

Now, we recognize that many teams already organize their content for reps and are potentially even surfacing content within their CRM, but to cap off our blog, let’s review a few reasons why Enablix’s approach is currently winning the mid-market for revenue teams:

  • Find content faster: Having content inside the CRM that corresponds to each step of your sales framework, means you can find and use the content you need faster. 
  • Get a better understanding of each deal: Spend less time searching for discovery questions, and more time actually asking those questions. The best information you can get is going to be straight from the prospect, so the faster you can get there, the more you’ll be able to learn.
  • Close deals faster: understanding exactly what your prospect needs and wants, allows you to give that to them faster, and shortens the sales cycle.

Integrating your sales framework into the Enablix platform gives your AE’s the opportunity for learning and clarity that doesn’t take all day. Get clear on what prospects want faster, understand your deals better, and close them quicker. Nail your next deal health with Enablix.

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