Embedded In-App Portals to Engage Customers at Scale

Raise first-year customer retention, lower your cost of customer support, and increase your upsell opportunities through Enablix's personalized customer enablement platform

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Dedicated In-App Customer Enablement

Don't miss opportunities to turn customers into trusted partners. Educate and grow with customers directly in your app to raise engagement and deepen the relationship

Customer Engagement at scale

Embed personalized customer experiences in your app for every user of your product, reaching them where they are most engaged


Bring all the customer-facing content you've created to one place, located in-app for easy access


Easily manage various user journeys at once, and continue scaling without a need for additional team members


Get a holistic view of how customers are using your product and where support could help to raise adoption

Why Choose Enablix?

Enablix Client Onboarding

The Enablix Advantage

  • CSM’s can create personalized onboarding experiences for each customer
  • Customers have a single source of truth for all educational and enablement documents
  • Customer Success can augment engagement scores with content engagement analytics
    • CRM integrations automatically recommend upsell content based on opportunities created
    • Churn risks become much more actionable, with passive activities that raise client engagement
    • Onboarding for key accounts can be complete in under three weeks


Do More With Less

Why Choose Enablix?

Increased Customer Engagement
Users love Enablix because they learn more about their favorite products without having to turn to Google for information.

Easy to Maintain
Users only spend less than two hours per week maintaining the content library because of Enablix Content Intelligence.

Brings Content To Where Your Customers Are
Keeping customers in-app raises engagement by meeting them where they already are