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Creating microsites with Enablix, just got better.

Sharing content with prospects using microsites is nothing new. With their ability to seamlessly share content with one link, and provide engagement analytics, they are the go-to way to share information with prospects. But, as impactful as microsites are, they haven’t always been quick to create. Between finding a similar microsite, duplicating it, changing content and updating the prospect name, this process takes longer than it needs to.

But, good news: with Enablix’s self-guided assembly, sales teams’ favorite tool just got easier. Sales and marketing teams can now create a personalized and detailed microsite in under 10 seconds. Hard to believe? Just check it out:

Customized To Fit You

Let’s start with a typical use case. In this example, reps are commonly creating personalized microsites after a first meeting/demo to summarize the meeting and present next steps. Until this point, reps were copying previously finished pages or specific templates for each meeting, which was taking time after the meeting and slowing follow up.

While Abby shows how to put together a microsite for meeting follow up in seconds, the real value here isn’t the microsite itself, but the ease of set up. By creating personalized microsite templates that serve specific use cases in your organization, reps can have a finished microsite in seconds. Tags and labels along with the on-screen prompts guide reps to the template that matches their current prospect. 

What’s even better is that contextual on-screen prompts can lead your team to the perfect page without needing to identify individual pieces of content. In this example, Enablix asks the rep the company name or account, the solution that’s being pitched and the industry they are selling into – which then prompt enablix to craft the perfect page for that scenario. 

These prompts are fully customizable, giving you full control over how reps are searching for templates. 

contextual on-screen prompts 1
contextual on-screen prompts 2

After using these prompts to identify the best template, reps can quickly add any personalizations as well as the meeting recording before publishing and sharing the link with their prospect. The self-guided assembly process gives you the same value and benefits of microsites, in seconds. Creating these templates ahead of time for your reps also allows you to put your best content to use and offer the best resources for use cases that are specific to your organization. 

Beyond Prospect Follow Up

While self-guided assembly helps reps create microsites for prospects, that isn’t the only way this tool can deliver value.

In-Person or Digital Event Follow Up

Microsites also work great for follow up with attendees after an event, making it easy to share who you are and what you do. Based on what type of event you’ve attended, most of the content you want to share is probably going to be the same. Create microsite templates for event follow up by industry and in just a few clicks your reps can follow up with attendees and share impactful content to keep the conversation going. 

As an example, you might want to share some general information about your organization which would already be included in the template. With a few clicks, you can customize this to include  event-specific content such as talk recordings, recap blogs and more. In just a few seconds you can create the ultimate hub of knowledge from an event, leaving more time to focus on more personalized outreach. 

event microsite

Check out this microsite we made for the Sales Enablement Summit back in March.

Post Webinar Microsite

Hosting a webinar? You probably want to share a webinar recording, and some relevant assets you discussed, but otherwise each of your webinar follow ups probably look the same. Self guided assembly can help you here too. 

Add prompts that specify the kinds of webinars you host and/or what industries you serve– then create templates with all the information you always want to include, like an ‘about’ section or content for that audience. The next time you finish a webinar, follow up can be complete in seconds, saving you and your reps time. 

Provide your audience with personalized microsites that your reps can create in just a few seconds. And, with full control over the prompts, labels and templates, the sky is the limit. Want to learn more about self-guided microsite assembly? Let us know.

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