Sending Product Marketing Newsletters to the Sales Team with Enablix Broadcasts

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How do you share content with your sales team?

Product marketing and sales enablement teams spend a lot of time putting together content for the sales team. Whether it’s internal training material on a new feature or external e-books and guides to share with prospects, it’s no secret that content drives digital sales. The issue for many teams is that so much content gets created that it gets hard for reps to know where to look to see recent updates.

Ineffective communication means more time spent searching for content, and less time selling. Keep your sales team up to date with the help of Enablix Broadcasts, the most effective way to share newsletters with your sales team. Keep reading to learn more.


Send internal newsletters that your sales reps will actually read with Enablix Broadcasts. Create, send and track engagement all in one place.

Sharing Content with The Sales Team is Not Easy

For content and product marketing teams that need to share content with the sales team, there’s no ‘perfect’ solution that gets the sales teams’ attention. For instance:

  • Content review meetings over zoom fall flat because you aren’t letting reps review the content when it matters to them. Overviews of recent content activities are typically met with a cacophony of camera and mic off zoom images
  • Sending content in slack or teams can be useful, but all too often they get lost in the shuffle of wins, losses, and other good info in slack
  • Email newsletters can be lengthy and, more importantly, boring.

On top of this, what you’re sharing can also keep reps from understanding and using this info. If new content is delivered with too much context, it will get brushed over, but give too little context and it won’t make sense to the rep. With a short amount of time to catch their attention and deliver the value they need, getting content in front of reps can be difficult. 

Marketing teams waste hours each week sending out content newsletters that go unread, and then resending that same content later when a sales rep is looking for it. While getting content to reps is important, it shouldn’t be a time consuming task for your marketing teams.

Sharing Content with the Sales Team by Creating Internal Newsletters

Using Enablix Broadcasts, PMM’s and SE leaders can quickly create internal newsletters for the sales team featuring relevant content that they should be seeing. It takes only a few minutes to put these communications together, with most teams periodically creating one by editing a previous newsletter and adding this week’s newest assets and sharing through slack, teams, or email.

When it comes to getting content in front of sales reps, it needs to be easy for your marketing team to make, and easy for your sales team to read. Internal Broadcasts by Enablix make it easy to share content by pulling in the assets that are already in Enablix– meaning no uploading or downloading files, content is all in one place, ready to share.

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Monitoring with Engagement Analytics

Content engagement analytics make it easy to understand how your team is interacting with these newsletters and the content they contain. Checking on these analytics can give insights on what is and isn’t working, letting you adjust accordingly and present new content in the most effective way for your team.

More Time Creating Content

Creating internal newsletters with Enablix broadcasts takes 5 minutes or less, and saves your marketing team from slacks and emails from sales looking for content throughout the week. Less time spent searching and sharing content, means more time generating revenue.

Optimize your internal communication and connect sales with the content they need. Want more information? Let us know.

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