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Gmail Add-On to Help Reps Improve Buyer Conversations

When enabling sales with content, having a central content repository is a great start. As we discussed in this post, a centralized app drives marketing and sales alignment and takes the guesswork out of content enablement initiative. Now your reps have a place to access this centralized content. But that is not enough. Where are […]

Five Practices For Successful Sales Communication

It’s no secret that sales & marketing alignment can help an organization close more deals faster. Additionally, poor alignment can substantially increase the cost of sales. A successful sales communication process is essential in driving sales and marketing alignment. Sales communication, when done right, can help an organization, empower sales reps with valuable content and [...]

Five Reasons Your Business Needs a Sales Enablement Structure

Digital is the new normal. And this new normal is rapidly impacting the buying and selling process in today’s increasingly digital marketplace. Gone are the days where a handful of well established companies controlled the narrative during the buying cycle. Today’s buyer has free access to the latest market trends and intelligence available on his […]

Best Practices For Enabling Sales Teams With Confidential Content

As part of your sales enablement duties, you are responsible for enabling sales with a variety of content assets through the sales process. Organizations are churning out all types of content to attract leads to their website, to establish credibility with buyers, and to train their sales reps to help close a sale. There is […]

Decentralize Content Creation Without Giving Up Control

Content is important in today’s marketing and sales efforts. And marketing is already taking care of the top of the funnel content to drive inbound leads, leverage SEO benefits and drive traffic to the website. However, content is also needed in the middle and later stages of the sales funnel. Increasingly SDRs (Sales Development Reps) […]

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5 Benefits from Consolidating Access to Trusted Content

Businesses of all sizes are investing more time, resources, and money into content than ever before. According to this 2017 study, most successful B2B marketers dedicate around 39% of their marketing budgets to content. Furthermore, with B2B marketers enable their sales teams with the right content is a big part of their content spend. However, [...]

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