Build vs Buy: 4 Considerations When choosing a customer portal

Build vs Buy: Customer Portals

Pop quiz: Where do your customers go when they need something? If you’re like 90% of B2B Customer Success teams, the answer probably is: it depends. Table of Contents   Most organizations lack a single defined repository of where customer information sits. Scattered between the website, email attachments, and the help site, it can be […]

Best Practices: How to Run a Digital Review Campaign

digital review campaign

In the fast-paced digital landscape of B2B commerce, the importance of digital reviews cannot be overstated. Platforms like G2 and Trustpilot have become the virtual word-of-mouth forums for businesses, offering a dynamic space for customers to share their experiences. These reviews serve as the modern-day testimonials, providing invaluable insights into a company’s products and services. […]

Measuring Customer Enablement: The 4 metrics your CE Program should own

customer enablement

As an emerging industry, Customer Enablement as we know it today is pretty… vague. Not that that’s a bad thing, but the current state of customer enablement basically boils down to ‘making your customer more successful’. And don’t take our word for it – here are just a few of the latest definitions floating around […]

Webinar Highlights: Perfecting the Playbook and Creating Sales Plays

Perfecting the Sales Playbook and creating sales plays

Why are playbooks so difficult? If you’ve ever struggled with creating sales plays or playbooks, you’re not alone. Turns out this issue might not be so much about how to make playbooks, but more about struggling to understand what they are. The term playbook can mean a lot of different things, so how do you […]

Webinar Recap: Content Library Refresh to Raise Adoption

content library webinar

Why don’t reps use the content library? Countless statistics show that over half of reps find content libraries difficult to navigate and the content difficult to use. But, product marketing and sales enablement teams spend a lot of time putting together content for the sales team, so what’s the problem? Traditional folder systems and unmanaged […]

Running Agile Product Marketing or Sales Enablement Teams – An Overview

agile approach

Product marketing and sales enablement teams play a crucial role in the success of a product or service. They are responsible for creating, communicating and delivering the value proposition of a product to target audiences, as well as equipping sales teams with the information and resources they need to effectively sell it. However, many product […]

What’s The Difference? Revenue Enablement vs Sales Enablement

Revenue Enablement vs Sales Enablement

Recently, many in the industry have taken to calling many standard sales enablement approaches by a new name: revenue enablement. In fact, many are seeing revenue enablement as a cure-all that will help with stale enablement patterns that haven’t been working: Gartner has gone as far as to say that revenue enablement is “the solution […]