Nailing the Moments That Matter: Enablix Intelligent Content Recommendations

Enablix Intelligent Content Recommendations

Are you expecting your reps to memorize ALL your sales and marketing content? It may sound crazy, but if you’re constantly updating reps on new material in the hopes that they’ll absorb enough to share it with a prospect… that’s practically what you’re doing.  The issue is that as organizations grow, they produce more and […]

Unlock the Power of your Gong Call Recordings with the Enablix + Gong Integration

enablix + gong

Picture this: One of your AE’s is trying to close a deal with a big prospect. They understand the prospects’ needs and feel like a recently launched product could be perfect for them… But they’ve never pitched it before. Looking for inspiration, they turn to their Gong call recordings to see how the team has […]

Raise Sales Enablement Adoption With a Soft Launch

soft launch raises sales enablement adoption

Question: How much is a revenue enablement tool worth if no one uses it? Answer: Not much. Sales rep adoption is critical for an enablement tool to succeed, but many Sales Enablement Managers think that simply putting a tool in front of them will get buy-in from the team. Realistically, teams need a more measured […]

Ask an Expert: Daniel Palay on Creating Value with a Brand Advocacy Program

So much of marketing happens organically, through conversations and recommendations. But, is it possible to use this as part of your marketing strategy by creating an advocacy program? We sat down with Daniel Palay, who has built two advocacy programs from the ground up in the open source software world. He says it’s more about […]

User Corner: Enablix Analytics for Content Marketing

Enablix analytics for content Marketers

In this edition: A content marketer uses Enablix’s sales content analytics to understand how marketing collateral is being used between the website and in sales cycles. Hey, it’s Abby from Enablix. Although I’ve only been on the team for a little while, I’ve been really surprised at how much I use the Enablix tool on […]

Ask an Expert: Mitchell Comstock on Effectively Measuring Sales Confidence

sales confidence

One of Product Marketing’s chief responsibilities is to arm your sales staff with the content and knowledge they need to be successful. But with so many sales and deal metrics, how do you effectively measure PMM’s contribution to the sales team? We recently sat down with Mitch Comstock from LeadIQ to learn about the power […]