User Corner: Event Networking Made Easy with Enablix Microsites

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In this edition: Sales and Marketing teams connect with prospects at an event faster using Enablix event microsites.

Recently, Enablix attended the Sales Enablement Summit to connect with other sales enablement pros from around the world. While it was fun, I noticed that connecting with other people at conferences these days is starting to feel kind of… awkward. It seems that the only options are looking the other person up on LinkedIn (takes forever) or giving them a physical business card (what is this, 1997?).

Fortunately, Enablix Microsites are a perfect way to connect with event attendees online while also providing a tailored brand experience. In this post, I’ll go into detail on what Enablix microsites are and how we recently used them to connect at the event. Let’s dive in.

The Problem: Meeting, Connecting, and Sharing Content

Whether it’s an event that your company is sponsoring, or just something you’re attending, it’s crucial to connect with like-minded people and learn more about your industry at every conference. But in many cases you’ll meet people that you’d ideally like to follow up with – either because they’re prospects in your sales cycle or someone that you’d like to talk with down the line.

This is where things get difficult:

  • If you’re sponsoring a booth, you may have a badge scanner that saves their contact info – but those feel cheesy at this point, and no one wants to walk around with one all day
  • You can try to do the whole ‘connect on LinkedIn’ thing, but what if they don’t accept your connection right away? Also, what if your company is sponsoring a dinner or event that night – how will they know the details?
  • You could go old school and opt for physical business cards, but those get lost in the shuffle most of the time (pun intended), no matter how hard you work on the distinct look or feel

Most people opt for number 2 – even using the LinkedIn QR Code for their profile, but the downside is that it can be difficult to share information with your new connection or invite them to events later in the conference.

What if there were a way to connect AND share relevant events and brand content in a single place? (Spoiler alert: there is).

Event Networking Made Easy with Enablix Microsites

With Enablix microsites, I can house any relevant content for an event in a single place that also gives access to my LinkedIn profile, email address, and calendar.

I simply create a microsite for the event that features a few typical brand sections – about me, about Enablix, etc. and customize it for anything we are doing for the event. Some ideas we’ve seen be successful:

  • Updating the header to feature event details and information about our booth
  • Sign up links to any after-hours events our company is sponsoring, like a happy hour or exclusive dinner with prospects
  • “Quick hit” summaries of your product or links to talks that someone in your organization may be giving at the event

Now, the cool part here is how we share the microsite. Instead of having them go to a URL, I simply create a QR code that leads to the microsite and set it as the background for my phone screen. All of our reps do this, each one leading to the same microsite but personalized with that person’s sender details – so whoever’s code you scan, you’re leading to their version of that page. 

Microsites and QR codes make it really easy to instantly share my details as well as anything I’d like them to see. As an added bonus, I get analytics on when people are viewing the page both at the event and afterwards – to see when I’m back on people’s minds to understand when a good time for outreach might be.

Easier Sharing and Better Analytics

When everything is in one place with Enablix, sharing content becomes easier and your analytics get even better. Feel free to reach out (or scan the QR code in my video) if you have any thoughts, or want to learn more!

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