Enablix Named Sales Enablement Momentum Leader and High Performer in G2’s Fall 2021 Rankings

Enablix listed sales enablement momentum leader for fall 2021

Let’s talk about you.

We have a bad habit in the Enablix blog of always writing about ourselves. So let’s take this opportunity today to write about you, our users: Enablix has been named a sales enablement momentum leader and high performer by G2 Crowd.

Ok, you may be wondering at this point how this is about you – and that’s fair. But Enablix is only a Momentum Leader because our amazing users turned out to support us on G2. Just read G2’s definition of a momentum leader:

Our Momentum Grid shows the growth trajectory that products have had in their respective spaces over the last year. The Momentum Grid identifies products that are on a high-growth trajectory based on user satisfaction scores, employee growth, and digital presence.

In addition to being a momentum leader, Enablix was once again named a High Performer as well. Based on current reviews of Enablix on G2 Crowd, a High Performer rank means Enablix is one of the highest rated sales enablement solutions based on reviews written by our users. Reviews include quantitative information, such as the number and recency of reviews as well as their rating and quality – but they also contain qualitative aspects, such as customer likes, dislikes, recommendations, and business use cases.

Which is all to say: it was a big quarter! We saw a flurry of activity, both inside the product and out:

We are so insanely proud and happy – not because we’re being recognized by G2, but because our fantastic customers love us enough to go to G2 and say great things about us. What are they saying? Take a look:

There's not much not to like about Enablix from my perspective. Enablix is constantly enhancing an already high-functioning product. On top of that, our Customer Success Manager has been incredible, proactively providing insights and always responding quickly with helpful responses (including concise videos!) when we reach out with questions.
Enablix is so easy to use, for both Marketing and the sales reps. We can tag each piece of content in a number of different ways that make it easy for the reps to find what they're looking for. Other solutions we looked at were far to complex for us. We especially appreciate the heatmap feature that shows us what personas, features, and stages of the buyer journey we have assets for and which we need more for.
Enablix has allowed our Sales team to scale our business better and more efficiently. Everything from having our most recent external and internal content readily available to all members of our Sales and Customer Success teams to creating custom external resource pages has allowed our teams to quickly respond and address our customers' and prospects' needs and requests. In the three months that we've been using Enablix, our rapidly growing teams have been able to quickly onboard and start prospecting and closing deals

If you’re interested, you can check out our profile on G2 here, and if you’re a current customer and would like to leave a review, you can do so here.

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