Use Content Pages to Nail the First Meeting Follow Up and Create a Better Buying Experience [With Examples]

enablix content pages

Let’s set the scene: You’re a sales rep that just had a successful first meeting with a prospect, the meeting is wrapping up, and your prospect asks you to send them:

  • The recording of the meeting
  • A relevant case study
  • Pricing

You’d also like to send them a link to your presentation and a calendar link so that they can schedule a follow-up meeting. No problem, right?

Well.. not exactly. Here’s how your follow-up to your prospect might look:

email follow-up

An email with 5 individual links is going to fall flat, and industry research shows that too many options inside of a single email is going to feel paralyzing. Knowing the right way to present information to your buyer after a meeting is a common issue for sales – just look at the search results when Googling ‘meeting follow up’.

meeting follow-up google search results

Sales reps need to send a collection of information to their prospects in a way that makes it inviting and not overwhelming. This need to create personalized experiences that deliver compelling information is what drove us to create content pages.



Enablix Content Pages

Content Pages are standalone web pages that sales reps and marketers alike can easily create, personalize, and share with prospects and customers to nail the meeting follow-up. With all of your content available in several page themes, sending content to your buyer has never been easier.

Check out how easy it is to create a simple content page:

create content pages in seconds


It doesn’t stop there: Being able to create and share your content is important, but how do you know if anyone is engaging with your content? Content Page analytics give you detailed information on who interacted with which aspects of the page, and how long they spent there:


content asset analytics


Being able to offer a simple, yet personalized experience to your prospect while measuring the engagement of your buyer is a powerful tool in the buying cycle. Just check out some examples of content pages we’ve made assembling our own content!

If you’re interested in leveling up your post-meeting messages, check out our platform or let us know – @enablix

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