Combining Content and Learning Enablement with Enablix

enablix learning enablement

For sales reps, learning shouldn’t feel like another part-time job. For many reps, taking instructor-created curriculums just feels like a waste of time due to siloed learning management systems being kept away from everything else on their plate. This means any ‘training’ leads to less time selling, and takes away the impact that learning enablement […]

Ask An Expert: Angela Sun On Creating Effective One Pagers

one pager blog

One pagers can be a great selling tool, but what does it take to make an effective one pager? What even is a one pager? We sat down with Angela Sun, who created a B2B Sales 2-Pager Template to get her advice. She not only shared what she thinks makes a good one pager, but […]

Running Agile Product Marketing or Sales Enablement Teams – An Overview

agile approach

Product marketing and sales enablement teams play a crucial role in the success of a product or service. They are responsible for creating, communicating and delivering the value proposition of a product to target audiences, as well as equipping sales teams with the information and resources they need to effectively sell it. However, many product […]

Enablix for Sales Kick Offs: January Office Hours Recap

Enablix for sales kick offs

It’s the new year, which means traffic is back, new years’ resolutions are in the air, and everyone is planning their Sales Kick Off (SKO) for the year. Are you ready? I recently sat down with Jennifer Johnson to discuss best practices around SKO’s and how Enablix is the perfect tool for before, during, and […]

Ask An Expert: Timmy Hendrickson On Effective Sales Enablement Change Management

Sales Enablement Change Management

Misalignment and confusion are the biggest barriers when it comes to adoption of change in a sales enablement organization. – but how do you manage expectations and keep everyone on the same page? We sat down with Timmy Hendrickson who put together his own sales enablement change log to solve this problem. He not only […]

Enablix Creates Real-Time Content Recommendations for Sales Reps in Newest Release

Enablix Content Recommendations

The newly-released content recommendation engine uses relevant user and deal info to lead reps to the most relevant content for each prospect, available directly within their CRM Enablix, the sales content enablement solution for revenue facing teams, made the release of its Intelligent Content Recommendation Engine public as part of their Fall 2022 product launch. The ML-based […]

What’s The Difference? Revenue Enablement vs Sales Enablement

Revenue Enablement vs Sales Enablement

Recently, many in the industry have taken to calling many standard sales enablement approaches by a new name: revenue enablement. In fact, many are seeing revenue enablement as a cure-all that will help with stale enablement patterns that haven’t been working: Gartner has gone as far as to say that revenue enablement is “the solution […]

Fact or Fiction: Implementing a Revenue Enablement Platform

Nearly every Sales Enablement and Product Marketing team would benefit from having a revenue enablement platform. Here’s the problem: If you don’t have a solid plan for implementing the tool, buying a revenue enablement platform is going to end up costing a ton of time and effort and, ultimately, no one is going to use […]

Enablix Upgrades CRM Integrations with Account-Based Analytics Insights

Enablix Content Recommendations

Enablix gives sales and marketing teams insight into how prospect accounts engage with sales content in new release Enablix, the sales content enablement solution for revenue facing teams, has enhanced its CRM integrations with the release of their new feature: Account Based Engagement Analytics. The first of its kind within the sales enablement field, the new […]

Beyond Titles and Tags: Introducing Deep Search

Enablix Deep Search

Picture this: You’re looking for a presentation you gave to a prospect in EMEA (or was it APAC?) a few months ago. You don’t quite remember the name of the prospect, or the specifics around the meeting itself, but you remember a really killer graphic you put together that would work for an upcoming meeting. […]