Generative AI for Sales Enablement: Boom or Bust?

artificial intelligence

Generative AI has been all the rage, and people are starting to talk more about its specific applications to sales enablement. Let’s dig in on what generative AI really is, what makes it different from existing AI solutions, and three distinct and popular use cases for how it may or may not affect the sales […]

Mastering A Consultative Approach As A Low-Touch CS Team

consultative customer success

A question we’ve been seeing lately: How can you get low-touch CS teams to be more consultative without scaling team members? A consultative CS motion works for high-touch teams because they are constantly meeting with clients, which means they can quickly identify any issues and get a constant pulse check for what is and isn’t […]

Enablix Recognized with Awards in TWO G2 categories for Summer 2023

Enablix G2 Summer 2023

What’s cooler than being awarded for 1 category? Winning 2, obviously. We’re thrilled to announce that not only did Enablix take home top awards in the Sales Enablement G2 Grid, for the first time ever we were awarded recognition for our abilities in the Client Onboarding space as well – a testament to how our […]

Measuring Customer Enablement: The 4 metrics your CE Program should own

customer enablement

As an emerging industry, Customer Enablement as we know it today is pretty… vague. Not that that’s a bad thing, but the current state of customer enablement basically boils down to ‘making your customer more successful’. And don’t take our word for it – here are just a few of the latest definitions floating around […]

Sales Engagement and Outreach using Enablix – Webinar Recap

Sales Engagement office hours

How do reps balance volume with content and message personalization? In this month’s edition of Enablix office hours, I sat down with Jennifer Johnson to discuss outreach, sales engagement, and how sales reps and outbound marketers can directly message prospects and customers using Enablix. We’ve introduced a few new features to help streamline this process […]

[eBook Preview] Enablix’s Guide to Dynamic Sales Plays and Sales Playbooks

Sales Plays and Playbooks

Stuck on Playbooks? Sales playbooks have been seen as an essential sales tool for quite some time, but that status certainly hasn’t kept them from being complicated and misunderstood. At this point, the term “playbook” has become somewhat of a catch-all term that gets used in different ways, but generally means a resource to help […]

Enablix Achieves Best Results for Mid-Market in Spring 2023 G2 Rankings

Enablix Sales Enablement Best Results G2

We are incredibly happy to announce that in addition to once again being named a G2 “high performer” in the Sales Enablement category, Enablix has achieved the ‘Best Results’ for mid-market businesses as well as being named a ‘Momentum Leader’. And while we’d like to take all of the credit for the wins, ultimately the […]

Combining Content and Learning Enablement with Enablix

enablix learning enablement

For sales reps, learning shouldn’t feel like another part-time job. For many reps, taking instructor-created curriculums just feels like a waste of time due to siloed learning management systems being kept away from everything else on their plate. This means any ‘training’ leads to less time selling, and takes away the impact that learning enablement […]