It’s Here: The Enablix Chrome Plugin

Enablix Chrome Plugin

Let’s face it: Everyone wants access to new tools, but no one has the time or energy to learn new platforms. This is especially true for anyone in sales enablement or product marketing, where you’re essentially tasked with enabling sales reps to more easily access and understand company content… but can’t add overhead or additional effort to their day.

It’s not that sales reps are not particularly excited about learning ways to navigate around new software, but they have a quota to hit and simply don’t have the time to learn and log in to multiple software to get their job done.

Marketing teams have to make sales reps’ lives easier without introducing them to new tools and sophisticated processes that take too much time to be effective and are ultimately never worth it.

Enter: Enablix’s Chrome Plugin to the Rescue

Enablix’s Chrome plugin is the ultimate time-saver that helps sales reps and marketers access content assets links without ever leaving their favorite browser.

Now, getting the best of content enablement in a seamless workflow isn’t a pipe dream – it’s something available to everyone. Keep reading for more.



How does Enablix’s Chrome Plugin help sales reps?

Many content enablement tools require users to log in to either search and find any content only to download and send in an email, or to use their native integration with the limited toolset that the software integrates with.

Enablix’s plugin allows sales reps can access their entire content library at any time, with the ability to copy personalized links for many email providers. The plugin shows the user recently accessed content assets in chronological order to easily access your current content assets, and the intelligent search bar gives you the top five matching content assets as you type just three letters in the search bar. The plugin filters labels and content types.

Check out how a rep might find content related to enablement here:

enablix chrome plugin search feature


At Enablix, we believe that the high-quality content you produce shouldn’t go to waste by being undiscoverable and unshared. Life is too short for good content to go wasted – It should be easy to use and power reps to close deals. If you want to start letting your content reach the right audience at the right time to make an impact and win more deals, grab a demo with us.

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