User Corner: Customer Enablement with Enablix

Enablix Customer Enablement

In this edition: A CSM uses Enablix’s content and learning capabilities to manage the full customer lifecycle and go from close to upsell.

Hey, it’s Emmi with Enablix. As a member of the revenue team here, I am recently getting a lot of questions by our prospects and customers on how Enablix supports customer enablement. I wanted to give a quick look into how I use Enablix to support customers, and the different customer enablement use cases we support throughout the entire lifecycle of interacting with a buyer. Watch below, or keep reading for more!

Onboarding Customers with Customer Microsites

As we think of the beginning steps of the lifecycle, we start with how customers onboard and make the gradual shift from prospect to user. For this use case, I rely on the flexibility of Enablix microsites to make onboarding a breeze.

These microsites typically start their life as prospect pages used by the sales team to help win the deal. Filled with content like customer stories, pricing documents, and proposals, they’re effective for winning business, but aren’t very relevant to new users trying to learn a system. 

By switching ownership of the page from Account Executive to CSM and updating content from sales-heavy to onboarding-heavy, these pages become the command center for how we stay on the same page as our customer. Content types that we’ve seen be very popular for customer pages are:

  • Onboarding Plans containing all of the tasks that need to get done, when they should be completed, and who owns them – a great way to set and stay on timeline through onboarding
  • Meeting Recordings so any team members that couldn’t make a training session can catch up offline
  • Links to Support Articles that live outside of Enablix on the support site, but are relevant to their needs and personalized to their experience

Looking at the insights and analytics of how my customers are interacting with the page also tells me any problems they might be having but are too shy to talk about – things like going back to the same help article time and again or watching training videos multiple times.

Continuous Education with Dedicated Learning Paths

A more in-depth use of the Enablix platform for customer enablement is to actually enroll users into dedicated learning paths tailored to the products and features they are using. This is a fun use case that is more geared towards technical or feature-heavy products where users may need extra time to learn the system or be familiar with the capabilities they will be using. 

The typical workflow is for CSM’s to define dedicated learning paths per product or functional area that the customer purchased, and assign users to specific paths that impact their role. With simple quizzes or submissions to check for understanding, it gives users a great way to learn about the product while using it. Check it out here:

Enablix Customer Quizzes

Keeping users informed with Customer Newsletters

Finally, throughout the customer lifecycle it’s important to keep your users informed of product updates or changes along the way – and that’s where Enablix broadcasts can be a great way to serve as a helpful customer newsletter.

Now, your marketing team is likely sending marketing blasts to users and customers promoting your company and brand – but too often that content isn’t going to be very relevant to their experience or use cases. For a targeted and segmented approach, try sending a styled page of content to your users reflecting the features they are using today and how they can better use the platform – I’ll let Abby explain more here:

Raising Product Adoption with Enablix

These are just a few ways that I see our users raise adoption and get customers more bought into their products using Enablix. Feel free to hit me up if you have any thoughts, and be on the lookout for more customer enablement content at Enablix.

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