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enablix partner portals

As the conversation shifts less from enabling inside sales teams to enabling the entire revenue team, there’s been a recent focus on growing revenue through partner channels.

Partner programs can be a great way to drive revenue for your company if partners have the tools they need to succeed – Things like access to relevant content, training to pitch a co-branded solution, and easy ways to register deals and attribute revenue. A big problem is that many orgs aren’t getting the full value out of their partnerships because they aren’t properly enabling their partners with the tools they need to sell.

Introducing Enablix Partner Portals, an easy way to grow channel revenue by creating customized portals for your partners that give them all the tools they need to succeed – all in one place. Keep reading to learn more.


Scale your partner enablement program and drive channel revenue with partner portals. Partners have quick access to the right content, they can register deals, and can be onboarded and ready with targeted learning paths.

The Difficulties of Channel Selling

When it comes to standing up a partnership program, the need is clear: grow revenue through solution or tech-based partners. The issues begin when you ask what partners need to effectively sell, and what those workflows look like. 

To effectively sell your offering, partners need:

  • Co-branded content to present and pitch to prospects
  • Education on how to pitch your offering and the ideal product market fit
  • An understanding of the ICP and ways to position or target your joint offering
  • A place to register the leads and accounts they’ve begun conversations with, to get credit for the work they are doing

Imagine you’re a head of partnerships tasked with getting partners the collateral and training they need while registering their deals for attribution. With no clear system or process to follow, you spend hours each day meeting and emailing back and forth with individual partners to register deals and share content.

You absolutely could implement a partner management platform – but the issue with partnership tools on the market is that they rarely facilitate all 3 key items needed for a successful partnership: access to collateral, ability to register deals, and situation-based training.

That’s why we’ve created Enablix Partner Portals – everything you need for a successful partnership program, all in one place.

Content, Training, and Deal Registration, all in one place

Enablix Partner Portals not only accelerate partners’ access to important resources, they accelerate channel revenue itself. By creating individualized portals for each of your partners with the exact content they need, you can bring everything to one place and create a single source of truth for partner management. 

Check it out:

Access to relevant sales content makes it easy for partners to get what they need and understand how to pitch your solution without having to ask or email your team. Additionally, Enablix’s robust content management capabilities ensure that partners always have the most up-to-date version of an asset – no pitching using old decks or sending out price sheets that are no longer valid. The same content you upload and edit will be ready for your partners whenever they need it.

With Partner Portals, deal registration emails and back and forth over attribution become a thing of the past. With the click of a button, your partners register their own deals and leads – all of which are created and assigned within your CRM. 

Introducing new products or pricing? Keep your partners up to date on new products and features by enrolling them in dedicated online learning classes. Structured learning paths through Enablix LEARN can ensure that your partners know exactly what they are talking about when it comes to your product. 

enablix for partners fact sheet

Less Back and Forth, More Selling

With less time spent emailing and looking for content and a better understanding of your product, imagine how much more your channel revenue your partners could create for you. 

Teams are using Enablix Partner Portals today to amplify channel revenue and waste less time. If you’re interested in seeing what our partner offering can do for you, or you’d like to learn more about any of our other product, let us know!

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