Nail your Go-To-Market Content Strategy Every Release with Enablix Content Kits

Enablix Content Kits help fuel your Go-To-Market Content Strategy

Every product marketer knows that a new product release isn’t over once the product is delivered – it’s just beginning. Every organization’s Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy hinges on product marketers effectively communicating the value of new features to the rest of the world, both internally and externally. But that creates an issue: with new education material being made for each release (blogs, walkthroughs, one-pagers, press releases, etc.), how do you effectively organize your GTM materials for your sales and marketing teams?

For product marketers facing this issue, consider it solved: Introducing Enablix flexible content kits, the new solution for organizing GTM material. 


Enablix flexible content kits allow marketers of any kind to easily organize sales and marketing content into repeatable structured ‘kits’, making GTM and related content easy to find, consume, and share.

It's hard to keep up

Over the last few years, it’s become easier and easier for most SaaS organizations to release their product more often. What used to be a twice-annual or quarterly process can now happen as often as multiple times a week.

While this is great for software teams, it’s made a strict Go-To-Market process even harder for product marketers. On one side they’re caught between an ever releasing stream of new features, and on the other are teams of hungry sales, marketing, and CS teams that need material to educate, inform, and sell their prospects and customers on all the new stuff the product’s coming out with. 

Doubling down on this issue is the fact that content doesn’t come in a single form. While product marketers used to get away with publishing a blog on the subject, our content distribution-heavy world demands that new sales collateral be present on the website, in the form of one-sheeters, video, social media posts, and countless other ways to present information.

With so many releases, and so many ways to make GTM content, how do product marketers keep up?

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Enablix Go-To-Market Content Kits

There are two issues with crafting your GTM content – reusability and longevity:

  • Most attempts to solve the problem end up as a large one-time project that works for a major product release, but gets ignored and forgotten for smaller feature releases
  • Product marketers that create repeatable solutions often find that sales and marketing either can’t or don’t find and use that content after the release, meaning that the content has a short shelf-life and is effectively only usable for a few weeks

Enablix’s flexible content kits make nailing your Go-To-Market content strategy easy by organizing your content within your content library and aligning it by feature release. See how it works here:

Enablix’s GTM kits solve the repeatability and longevity problem by creating a standard framework for PMM’s to organize content within that is also easily searchable and shareable within the rest of the content library. By putting GTM content into the larger context of sales and marketing collateral, reps and marketers alike can put together detailed buyer experiences that reflect both product detail as well as sales or marketing information.

use it for pretty much anything

Finally, the flexibility of Enablix’s Content Kits allows them to be used in plenty of other use cases as well. Think about it – how many things in sales and marketing are really one-offs? Things like marketing events, webinars, customer conferences all typically have dedicated material created for them that gets lost or forgotten over time. See here, a working example of how a content kit could be used to prep and save for past events:

Enablix Content Kits Can Be Used For Events

Do you feel the pain of having an inconsistent or forgotten GTM content strategy? Let us know @Enablix

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