User Corner: Personalizing a Content Page After a Meeting

In this edition: How to update and customize a content page for a meeting follow up.

Recently, I experienced a common use case: I had a great sales meeting and I wanted to follow up with some answers and additional content. 

I knew I wanted to create a content page, but there were three important things to consider:

  1. I wanted to follow up with a handful of information all in one place that’s easy to access
  2. I knew that they’d be socializing this document internally, so I wanted to add extra information that might be useful to their extended team
  3. They had mentioned having an LMS (learning management system), so I want to include some content that we had assembled on how we work with LMS’s and how we might interact together

I’ve recorded a short video to show how I would find, update, and assemble my content page – watch below, or follow along with the transcript to find out how.

Setting the Styling

To start, I’m here on the Enablix home page. I’m going to search for my content pages first and bring up the page that I’ve previously assembled. As you can see, I’ve anonymized it to take away any client-specific information.

First off – I want to style the page. I’m going to edit and you can see that the title has actually been set to comic sans, and no one likes that. I want to send it to something a little bit more professional, perhaps roboto, and I’ll do the same thing for the description as well.

If I save here and preview my asset, I can now see my updated title and description in black text on a white background – which looks a lot more professional than previously. But at this point it’s looking a little blank and boring, so let’s update the colors for the background and text.

I can set the background color to something a little nicer looking – perhaps a dark blue, which is going to go great with a white text. After saving the content and previewing, I now see a bit of contrast in the background. Potentially, I could have said a client specific logo or something of that nature, but in this example let’s stick with this.



A Quick Content Review

Let’s review the assembled content in this example. At the top, we have a collection of product-specific content – this is to familiarize our friends that attended the meeting with what Enablix is, but also gives a great background for anyone that wasn’t able to attend the meeting that is seeing this page. As part of this, we have an embedded product page in our content page – this page is all about our product, the product demo, and how we integrate and interact with other platforms.

In this example, I’ve also included a section on the power of insights and kpis, because I know that my prospect will be sharing with people around the organization that care about how we interact or perform with those.


Creating a Personalized Buyer Experience

I previously mentioned that our prospect was using an LMS. In this example, I would like to add a section to our content page that speaks specifically to how Enablix interacts with learning management systems.

To do this, I will start with a text description in the middle of the page – we can call it “Learning Systems and Enablix”. I’ll paste in a description I’ve chosen previously, save as my content, and preview. Now, in the middle of the page, there is a text section here talking about learning systems and us.

Now, all we have to do is fill it with content. so let’s go back to our content page and use Enablix to search to find our content. To insert assets:

  • I’m going to select our existing assets, and search for “LMS”
  • This search presents me with a handful of content that we have previously created, items like “The Difference between an LMS and a CMS”, “How LMS and Sales CMS integrate” and, ”How we serve Content into an LMS”
  • After i click done, I can see my descriptions and titles have already, imported because I had already set those on each asset

Saving and Previewing shows us our completed content page: Who we are, how we integrate with an LMS, and important sales enablement KPI’s.


Finishing Up

While this example was me personalizing a content page to display how we integrate with an LMS, our users know that it can be anything – whether your industry is software, hardware, or entirely unrelated. Enablix Content Pages exist to provide a better buyer experience powered by content, no matter what the content is.

Interested in what we discussed today? I’d love to show you more.

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