Enablix for Sales Kick Offs: January Office Hours Recap

Enablix for sales kick offs

It’s the new year, which means traffic is back, new years’ resolutions are in the air, and everyone is planning their Sales Kick Off (SKO) for the year. Are you ready?

I recently sat down with Jennifer Johnson to discuss best practices around SKO’s and how Enablix is the perfect tool for before, during, and after your get together – whether it’s hybrid or in-person. From building internal hype all the way to testing for takeaways, we break down the different ways that Enablix helps – check it out below:

Why Have a Sales Kick Off?

It might be an obvious question to some, but in a world where each cost has to be justified, why do an SKO? Jennifer and I dive into some of the benefits in the clip below (hint: not just a happy hour)


  • While it serves a great purpose as a way to get the team together and potentially meet face-to-face, an SKO is also a great time to roll out new products or processes to the team, as everyone has a chance to focus on the new change
  • Be intentional about any changes you make here, and make sure to get team input on any proposed changes far before the event, so you’re not caught flat footed for any negative feedback or pushback the changes may bring

Building hype for the SKO with Enablix Newsletters

We start well before the sales kickoff with the best way to communicate and message information about the upcoming SKO with your team. Enablix’s new Newsletter feature is a fantastic way to keep your team informed on what the event will bring, and what they should know going into it – check it out:


  • You need to keep your team informed – not just with details surrounding the Sales Kick Off, but about materials they should be familiar with or the expectations for reps during the event. 
  • Enablix Newsletters are a great low-touch way to inform your team and see who’s actually paying attention, allowing you to follow up with team members that have or have not interacted with your content
  • Important to note – these newsletters aren’t just limited to SKO’s! There are lots of other uses for them as well, as Abby walks through here:

Managing the Sales Kick Off with Enablix Content Kits

We’ve spoken about our content kits previously, but as Jennifer will gladly tell you, they are one of Enablix’s “best kept secrets” due to their flexibility. In the below clip, Jennifer walks us through the flexibility of the content kit, and why they can be a swiss army knife for your SKO:


  • Don’t fit your SKO to the content kit, fit the content kit to your SKO. utilize the different description, sharing, and visibility option to have a single landing place for your team
  • Content kits don’t have to expire! Continue to drive your reps back to the kit over time to reinforce what was covered and the progress you have made since then

Reinforcing Takeaways and testing for comprehension with Enablix Learn

Finally, we discussed how Enablix Learn, our Learning Management System, can help teams reinforce lessons covered in the SKO, and test for takeaways to see how effective the event was (as well as get some much needed feedback). Check out how we set up a learning path and what it’s like to go through one as a rep:


  • Enablix Learn is an easy way to test your reps to see how much of the SKO ‘stuck’ with them, but also a great way to solicit feedback from your reps on how the event went and what they’d like to change next year (or quarter)
  • This is one of Enablix’s newer features, so keep your eye out for updates in this space. Like many other parts of our platform, it wasn’t specifically designed for SKO’s but absolutely helps you nail the event

And that’s it! Join us next month for more of the latest and greatest from the Enablix platform.

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