• Although video is a richer medium, it can actually be easier for your customer to create. Try to get a zoom interview with your contact and cut up footage to tell your story.
  • Editing is key (and easy!) make it quick, make it impactful, and stick to the important parts
  • Remember: Video is good, but it’s not everything. A PDF download alongside your video will complement the experience and give your prospects something to give to their decision-makers

Go Beyond the PDF

It’s 2021. People are on their smartphones 99% of the time, we meet digitally with people across the world, Billionaires ARE LITERALLY GOING TO SPACE… And yet many product marketers choose to create stale text-only PDF case studies to tell their customer stories. Why?

After the hassle of doing everything so far to get to the case study, it’s disappointing that many PMM’s default to only writing out the text to tell their story. Don’t get me wrong, the long-form text is incredibly important – but the case study shouldn’t be boxed into a 4 page PDF as the default format. Video and audio are dynamic and can do so much more for evoking what your product does.

If you’re interested in what combined video and text can look like, check out our own customer stories: