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Empowering the Sales Rep

A robust way of categorizing and organizing content makes it simple for sales reps to discover and deploy content, exactly when it’s needed in the sales cycle


Enablix makes the UserZoom team more efficient, more on point with the brand, and better communicators with their customers.



UserZoom is a market-leading User Experience (UX) insights solution. UserZoom customers benefit from robust qualitative and quantitative insights in one place, enabling them to make business-critical UX decisions that impact the bottom line. UserZoom’s business continues to grow globally, as more and more companies focus on improving the UX of their digital assets. However, with this expansion, the marketing team faced a growing challenge in providing their sales team with the right information to engage with buyers.
Being a UX Insights company, UserZoom had already invested in creating winning content for the entire buyer’s journey.
But they had no efficient way to arm their sales teams with this winning content. Furthermore, the UserZoom marketing team had no insights into content adoption and engagement by sales.


Tom Lloyd

VP of Marketing,

As a marketing leader, there’s nothing more frustrating than investing
time and resource into creating content that doesn’t get used because
revenue teams can’t find it, or aren’t aware it exists to begin with. Enablix
provides us with a robust way of categorizing and organizing our content
that makes it simple for sales reps to discover and deploy content, exactly
when it’s needed in the sales cycle.
Integrations with our existing tech stack makes using Enablix day-to-day
a seamless process for our sales teams, and I’m looking forward to future
product innovations that will allow us to get even more value from the


A single central repository of content helped simplify asset discovery and improve marketing efficiency. However, with an already expansive sales and marketing application ecosystem, to get true traction with front-line sales reps, they had to be enabled in the apps that they were already using for selling. Asking them to switch apps so that they can discover this well-organized content was not an option. There were four distinct existing user-flows that could benefit from content consistency and ease of asset discovery: Gmail, Slack, Salesforce, and

“Enablix gives me a way to discover content that I never knew existed.”

When UserZoom launched Enablix to their sales team, they started with Enablix’s Gmail Add-On to help improve adoption. The results were exactly what they were hoping for; Without the burden of an additional app, reps have access to all the trusted content across different buyer personas, solutions, formats, and source systems in one place to share with their buyers. Reps now can share these content assets with their prospects and buyers and get insight into buyer intent when they got notified about buyer engagement on the shared content.
Like many modern organizations, Marketing and sales teams were using Slack for all internal communication, making it easy for UserZoom to plug into Enablix, powering content updates into their sales and marketing slack channels. With automated content updates, the UserZoom marketing team ensured that reps had access to all the latest content updates in real-time on Slack.


With Enablix, the UserZoom marketing team has detailed insights into content usage and content engagement metrics. They not only know who is viewing what content and when, but also have insights into what content assets have better engagement with sales.
Additionally, as sales reps share approved content with their buyers, marketing stands to benefit from buyer engagement data and make informed content investments.

“Makes our team more efficient, more on point with the brand, and better communicators with our customers.”