A Better Buying experience

MessageGears get more second meetings and goes deeper in the sales cycle by creating better buyer experiences, leading to adoption by over 90% of the sales team

key outcomes

Content pages make great impressions on prospects, leading to more meetings and higher engagement

Over 90% of the MessageGears utilizes Enablix at least once a week

It took just three weeks to onboard the entire sales team, and it takes less than 20 minutes a week to maintain Enablix

Sales reps save up to 4 hours a week not having to search through Google Drive and the website for content


Sales and marketing content stored between Google Drive and the website is nearly impossible for sales reps to find

As a data-first Customer Marketing Platform, MessageGears helps large B2C brands market better to their customers – but they had a sales and marketing problem of their own. Selling an enterprise suite of products across several verticals, they had a glut of sales and marketing materials: case studies, presentations, videos and more stored across Google Drive, countless emails, and their website.

With half their day being consumed finding existing sales collateral and requests for new material piling up, MessageGears knew they needed a solution

“In the beginning, we really had a lot of marketing material, but it was all over the place and sales could never find it”

“We were spending so much time responding to requests from sales people for the same kinds of documents that we knew we needed a solution.”

With half their day being consumed finding existing sales collateral and requests for new material piling up, MessageGears knew they needed a solution


Sales and Marketing Alignment beginning with a Pilot

Although she didn’t know it at the time, Kelley and her team were perfect candidates for the Enablix platform. They started with a pilot, and quickly expanded from there:

“We initially did a three month trial, but once we were able to get into the platform we realized this was exactly what we needed. From there we rolled it out to our entire sales team within two weeks

After initially setting the platform to recognize how they wanted their content to be organized, MessageGears took advantage of Enablix’s integrations with Google Drive and WordPress and were able to import and tag their content quickly. Starting with the most important assets allowed the team to roll out the tool to the sales team soon after that.

Expanding from their initial pilot, Kelley rolled out access to Enablix to her entire sales team. The sales team quickly adopted the platform – yielding results for both sales and marketing.


Kelley Miller

Sales Enablement Manager,

“We look at what the sales team is searching for, or what specifics assets are getting used week-to-week, and that allows us to take that feedback and make more content like that . [Enablix] shows the marketing team what we need to be focused on and helps guide the content we make.”

“It’s such an easy to use platform and so intuitive – we’ve never really had a problem teaching people to use it. We’re onboarding a lot of people, and it’s been such a breeze showing people how to use the platform”


Better buyer experiences lead to “insane” sales adoption and less frustrated sales and marketing teams

So what has Enablix done for MessageGears? Just listen to Kelley:

“Since using Enablix, we’ve gotten really great feedback from our prospects – we’ve gotten more second meetings and are able to get further into the sales cycle because of the resources we’ve been able to provide”

By empowering sales reps to easily find and access content, MessageGears has been able to accelerate their sales cycle and cut through rounds of back and forth between the sales and marketing team. In fact, Kelley estimates that reps are saving up to 4 hours a week not having to search through Google Drive for content.

Another benefit to the the Enablix platform? Content Pages. Kelley explains:

“Something that’s gotten insane adoption is the content page, which looks like a personalized website with detailed resources and links for our prospects – our sales team loves it. Since we’ve rolled it out to the sales team they haven’t stopped using it, they send them after every single call we have with a prospect”.

On top of solving the issue of accessing and finding content, MessageGears sales’ team is using content pages to create personalized experiences for buyers – something that has helped the MessageGears sales team achieve over 90% adoption among the sales team.