User Corner: Enablix For Sales Outreach

Enablix for Sales Outreach

In this edition: An account executive uses Enablix in sales outreach to raise engagement

As an AE, one of the more difficult parts of my job is sending content to leads and not being sure if or how they’re opening, interacting, or engaging with what i’m sending.

As an AE at Enablix, however, this becomes one of the more fun parts of my job.

Hey, it’s Travis from Enablix. Earlier today, I was going back and forth between Enablix and our outreach tool (, and found it really interesting how much insight I was getting from using the two together – so in this user corner, I’m going to walk through how I use Enablix to:

  • Choose the right kinds of content to send to prospects
  • Measure prospect engagement with content, both in my outreach tool and in Enablix
  • Create feedback loops to determine other kinds of material to send
You can follow along in the video below, or keep reading for more detail!

Finding and Sharing Content

To begin, I’m going to send my prospect a whitepaper we have that pertains to the last conversation we had. It’s called  Expectations and Insights From A Sales Enablement Platform, and it’s the perfect thing to educate my prospect right now.

In Enablix, I can share content in multiple ways, from email and Slack to links to my content. In this instance, I want to copy a link to insert into my email cadence.

In this case, I’m using as my outreach tool, so I’m going to create a dedicated link to my content here in the Enablix console. Enablix has integrations with nearly all outreach tools, so if I were using a tool like (you can find our integration here), it would work just as easily.

Once I have that link copied, simply create a template of the email within Apollo. I add that template of email to a given sequence, and we can see that the link rests right here within my template.

Creating the Cadence

Once I’ve found and created my link in Enablix and inserted the link into my email content, the next step is going to be creating the cadence in my outreach tool.

See – this is what content enablement is all about: seamlessly finding and using content regardless of where I am. In this blog, I’m switching back and forth between Enablix and, but Enablix has tons of ways to live directly where the sales rep lives. You can see a few here:

The important thing is that I don’t always have to go to another system to go get content or find it – the content is where I am.

Analytics and Insights

This is the cool part – matching our basic analytics in my outreach tool with the deep insights I get in Enablix.

In, I can see that Nick has opened and click on an email, but if I look in Enablix I can see much more. In the Enablix analytics section, I see that my prospect already viewed the assets that I sent over in this cadence. But going further, I can see all of the other activity that Nick has had with content that I’ve shared over time.

These analytics give me a much more complete look into my prospect behavior. I can see how they’ve engaged with all of my content, and I can use that data to influence the kinds of things I’m going to send in the future. If I want, I can get dedicated email notifications of each visitor activity, informing me exactly what they did and how long they spent on each page.

In this case, we can see that my prospect has had four sessions total for an activity count: He spent an average of 13 minutes and 53 seconds on each session, and he spent a lot of time on this Content and Insights whitepaper.

Moving Forward

The ability to find and discover content that educate my prospects is probably the feature I use most in Enablix, but there’s a lot more to the platform for reps. Check out our upcoming User Corner as I give more detail on how I use Enablix in Salesforce, saving me time while getting to quota faster.

Questions? I’m happy to talk. Send me a message on LinkedIn

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