User Corner: Enablix Analytics for Content Marketing

Enablix analytics for content Marketers

In this edition: A content marketer uses Enablix’s sales content analytics to understand how marketing collateral is being used between the website and in sales cycles.

Hey, it’s Abby from Enablix. Although I’ve only been on the team for a little while, I’ve been really surprised at how much I use the Enablix tool on a daily basis, as a content marketer. In this blog, I’ll walk through my (current) favorite part of the platform, our content analytics. Plus, how it has been benefiting me, and how I use it day to day.

Understanding Visitor Engagement

At Enablix, we take a bottoms-up approach to content marketing. This means that we are constantly trying to create helpful material to solve day-to-day problems. While many of our guides come in the form of Enablement Recipes, we occasionally feature downloads and viewable content directly in our blogs and webpages as well. 

When creating and featuring this content, it would be good to know how my website visitors are engaging with the assets we’ve made. However, prior to Enablix, I had run into a few problems with no platform being quite a fit:

  • Google Analytics gives me information on how many site visitors I have on each page, but doesn’t give me any interaction information on sales or marketing-hosted assets
  • Digital Asset Management tools allow me to host my marketing content in one place, but make it difficult to export and get prospect analytics
  • Sales Enablement Solutions give great prospect analytics, but don’t do so in a way that I can easily post material on our website and understand how users interact

Enablix makes this really easy for me – after uploading content to the portal, I can create a shareable link with the name of the blog post as the link title. That way, whenever anyone interacts with my content, I get notifications with what they did and how long they interacted. Seriously – see for yourself!

Beyond website analytics

So, Enablix makes it easy for me to find, post, and get analytics on shared marketing or sales collateral for use on the website, but that isn’t the only place I’m able to use our assets…

When sending email marketing communications to our users and visitors, I can follow a nearly identical flow to get analytics from our email campaigns. Either through Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Hubspot (I use Hubspot), I can create shareable links through those platforms and get marketing analytics on all of our communications in each one of our campaigns:

Enablix content for email campaigns

Tearing down silos

So those are different ways I can get marketing analytics for assets I have in the content portal – but it’s only half the story.

What’s really cool is that since this is a shared revenue enablement platform between our sales/marketing/CS teams, I can view all of these marketing analytics right next to the engagement statistics for the other revenue teams.

Check out how I can share a link for the website, create a link for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, or share trackable assets with a prospect right from the same place:

Sharing content between every team

first 30 days

Like I said.. I’m only 30 days into this platform. So, keep an eye out for more user corner stories from myself and other members of our team as we’re growing!

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