Unlock the Power of your Gong Call Recordings with the Enablix + Gong Integration

enablix + gong

Picture this: One of your AE’s is trying to close a deal with a big prospect. They understand the prospects’ needs and feel like a recently launched product could be perfect for them… But they’ve never pitched it before. Looking for inspiration, they turn to their Gong call recordings to see how the team has done this recently… But the rep in that video is using a sales deck that the AE doesn’t have. And where are the call notes? How did they put together the demo?

Gong insights shouldn’t live in a vacuum, and now they don’t have to. Our recent integration with Gong allows reps to access all of the insights and details available in the call recording alongside all of their other GTM materials – bringing life back to older calls and making it all accessible for the sales team.


Users can now access their Gong insights directly from the Enablix platform, keeping call recordings and highlights from getting siloed and making them more likely to be used.

The Problem: call recordings and insights living on an island

If you use Gong, you already know why they’re an industry-leading revenue intelligence platform. Perfect for recording meetings and providing sales insights, Gong “unlocks reality” and allows reps and enablement leaders to dig information out of their calls. Unfortunately, there is so much more than just call recording and insights that your team is going to want that doesn’t live inside of Gong.

For instance, whether you’re prepping for an upcoming call or reviewing a recent meeting to coach another rep, you’ll likely need the presentation materials that were created during the meeting along with any other account-specific information that you have on that prospect or customer to meaningfully understand the context of the call – items that live in Google Drive, Sharepoint, or on your website.

Sure – you can absolutely search through those items in different systems to pull them up, but what about times when reps could benefit from watching a past meeting recording that they don’t even know about – will Google Drive or Sharepoint recommend they watch a gong call to increase the odds of closing a deal?

To avoid all this information getting siloed, you need a way to integrate your call recordings with all of your GTM material. 

The Solution: Integrate Your Insights with Enablix

Enablix has the ability to bring all of your disparate content and information to a central location, making it easy to find and possible to recommend.

Check out how Abby pulls up Gong Recordings in this video:

In this example, Abby’s searching out for a specific recording alongside other information, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Enablix’s content recommendation engine can suggest AE’s review calls at certain points within a sales cycle – meetings that the AE may never have known took place. These insights raise your odds of winning deals and make your recordings even more useful.

If you’re interested in seeing how Enablix can integrate with and elevate your tech stack, let us know! And if you’re a current Enablix user wondering how to turn on the integration with your Gong instance, let us know: @enablix.

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