The Sales Enablement Buyer’s Guide: Integrations Deep Dive

Sales Enablement Buyer's Guide

Does your tech play well with others?

Whether you’re looking for new sales enablement software or trying to maximize the use of your existing platform, a key question you need to answer is how you fit an SE platform into your current sales & marketing application ecosystem without disrupting your current set up. 

It’s a difficult question. Let’s face it: if you stacked all of the world’s sales and marketing apps in order of priority to the business, you’d likely find that Sales Content Enablement platforms don’t come out as the number 1 thing sales and marketing teams need to get by. 

In fact, It’s pretty common to find companies that continue to use cloud storage repositories like Google Drive or SharePoint for years before they consider investing in a Sales Content Enablement platform. 

When companies invest in a sales content enablement platform, they bring a vital application into an existing well-developed sales and marketing application ecosystem. And the sales enablement stakeholders have an important task of fitting this new sales enablement investment in the current ecosystem. 

Sales Enablement platforms are not point-solutions. When done right, they can be the driver for communication, collaboration, and enablement among the revenue teams of a B2B organization. But to reap these benefits, sales enablement platforms need to integrate with existing investments in other sales and marketing applications. If they don’t, the company is going to suffer from a lack of adoption and engagement because no one wants to learn and use a totally new software that doesn’t interface with what they use today.

Sales Enablement Integrations Matrix

The Sales Enablement Integrations Matrix

Why you should read this guide

Maybe you have an SE solution today – or maybe you’re just exploring the market. Either way, the goal of this guide is to help you:

  • Maximize the use of your existing sales enablement platform (if you are already using one) 


  • Prepare you to make an informed decision (if and when you are in the market to purchase a new sales content enablement platform). 

Understanding and implementing all of the possible sales enablement integrations to align with your organization’s sales and marketing process can be chaotic and mind-numbing

That’s why our guide is driven by use cases. Segmenting the integration options by different use cases is going to let you quickly identify relevant integrations that are bound to make the most impact from an efficiency and effectiveness standpoint. 

In this guide, we will consider five sales content enablement use cases to simplify this integration maze:

  • Provisioning
  • Discovery
  • Sharing
  • Insights
  • Operations

This use case aims to help stakeholders ask the right questions. For instance, 

  • How do you expect your sales reps to discover content? 
  • How and where are your reps currently communicating with prospects? That’s going to be the channel they are going to share the content on. 
  • What kind of insights are you expecting from the sales enablement platform? 

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