Nailing the Moments That Matter: Enablix Intelligent Content Recommendations

Enablix Intelligent Content Recommendations

Are you expecting your reps to memorize ALL your sales and marketing content?

It may sound crazy, but if you’re constantly updating reps on new material in the hopes that they’ll absorb enough to share it with a prospect… that’s practically what you’re doing. 

The issue is that as organizations grow, they produce more and more sales and marketing content – but expecting your reps to keep a working knowledge of any potentially useful content in the moment is a pipe dream, and only leads to the same old case studies getting sent to every prospect. Additionally,  searching for that content can be time consuming and inefficient. Switching between tabs of different tools makes finding content that actually converts take forever. 

What if instead of searching for the right piece of content, the content found you? That’s exactly the benefit of Enablix’s Content Recommendation Engine – keep reading to learn more.


Enablix’s Intelligent Content Recommendation Engine leads reps to the most relevant content for each deal – both internal training assets as well as external customer-facing material

Finding the Perfect content

As a use case, let’s say you’re an AE reviewing your sales pipeline in your CRM. One of your prospects recently moved forward to the next deal stage and you’re looking to follow up with information that would help them in the decision making process, but aren’t quite sure what content would be best

You could fire off a slack message to your product marketing manager asking if content for a given situation already exists, but they probably get 20 of those a day. You seem to remember a sales enablement training session on this scenario 8 months ago, but you don’t really have time to try and find the meeting recording, much less skip to the parts that are relevant here.

If you’re like most AE’s, you’ll send what you’re familiar with. Either a popular case study that doesn’t exactly relate to the prospect but is a recognizable name or maybe a blog that does a deep dive on a particular feature many customers like. Might not be perfect but at least it’s something, right?

The issue is that by not making the most of these moments that matter, you’re jeopardizing your deal. While it may not seem like an errant piece of content is going to cause a lost sale, it’s more important than you may think – the average buyer consumes over 13 pieces of content before making a decision.

Why make reps search for what they need?

the right content at the right time

Enablix makes it possible to bring the rep what they need – right in the CRM. Check it out:

Enablix content recommendations combine information from several sources to determine the most relevant pieces of internal and external content to show a rep in any given situation. 

Relevant data points include:

  • Information from your CRM – deal stage, type of opportunity, and any other specific fields that are important to your deals
  • Content engagement among similar looking deals, and the kinds of collateral that perform well among that audience
  • Content that is popular with other users that match a similar profile to the AE searching for material
  • Training materials that have been dedicated for specific situations that may be relevant to a rep in this moment

For more information on how the content recommendation engine works, check out the video below:

better content leads to better deals

Imagine how much quicker you could close deals and communicate with prospects if you had that perfect piece of content at your fingertips. With this Enablix feature, sending great content becomes an effortless process, and puts to use all the useful content that marketing has made.

Sellers win because they’re spending less time searching for content and marketers win because the useful content they create actually gets used. Let the power of Enablix’s recommendation engine help you spend less time searching and more time selling.

Content recommendations are generally available for all Enablix users, but require a CRM integration for any deal-specific recommendations. 

Any questions? Let us know @enablix.

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