Enable buyer's journey with quality content

Marketing is accountable for content enablement across the customer lifecycle. With Enablix, marketers can manage and drive content enablement that spans the entire buyer’s journey and drive marketing efficiency.

  • Map content to the entire buyer's journey.

  • Use integrations with sales and marketing apps to gain content insights

  • No limits on the type and format of the content.


Multiple use cases from one application

Content alone is not enough for successful enablement. You need to organize content in the context of your enablement goals to simplify content discovery and to align content with your internal processes.

Marketing & Sales Alignment

Sales communication on auto-pilot

Sales & marketing alignment can help an organization close more deals faster. An effective sales communication process is essential in driving sales and marketing alignment.

  • Move from an ad hoc enablement process to a data-driven one.

  • Arm sales with trusted and quality content.

  • Automate sales communication to keep sales on message

  • Use insights and sales feedback to make informed content investments.

Enable with Quality

Content quality is a prerequisite for successful enablement

Marketers do not have additional cycles in their workday to spend time on managing and baby-sitting content. Enablix brings a toolset for marketers to drive quality content without the need for high maintenance.