Generative AI for Sales Enablement: Boom or Bust?

artificial intelligence

Generative AI has been all the rage, and people are starting to talk more about its specific applications to sales enablement. Let’s dig in on what generative AI really is, what makes it different from existing AI solutions, and three distinct and popular use cases for how it may or may not affect the sales […]

Mastering A Consultative Approach As A Low-Touch CS Team

consultative customer success

A question we’ve been seeing lately: How can you get low-touch CS teams to be more consultative without scaling team members? A consultative CS motion works for high-touch teams because they are constantly meeting with clients, which means they can quickly identify any issues and get a constant pulse check for what is and isn’t […]

4 Ways to Make the Most of your Enablement Budget

enablement budget

Around the country, enablement budgets are being slashed and resources are being cut. A few common scenarios we’ve seen: Enablement teams losing a member and finance not re-hiring for that position Additional headcount promised in 2023 has suddenly vanished The in-person SKO being moved to digital (again!) But, even with cuts to enablement and revenue […]

4 Essential Components of a Customer Onboarding Template

customer onboarding

Successful onboarding of a SaaS product is critical in getting the user buy-in and adoption that leads to retention and upsells. But it’s likely that your Customer Success team is constantly under water with customer requests and tickets. Now, every organization is different, and every product is going to have different steps and needs for […]

[eBook Preview] Enablix’s Guide to Dynamic Sales Plays and Sales Playbooks

Sales Plays and Playbooks

Stuck on Playbooks? Sales playbooks have been seen as an essential sales tool for quite some time, but that status certainly hasn’t kept them from being complicated and misunderstood. At this point, the term “playbook” has become somewhat of a catch-all term that gets used in different ways, but generally means a resource to help […]

Webinar Highlights: Perfecting the Playbook and Creating Sales Plays

Perfecting the Sales Playbook and creating sales plays

Why are playbooks so difficult? If you’ve ever struggled with creating sales plays or playbooks, you’re not alone. Turns out this issue might not be so much about how to make playbooks, but more about struggling to understand what they are. The term playbook can mean a lot of different things, so how do you […]

4 Takeaways from the 2023 Sales Enablement Summit in NYC

Sales enablement summit

Last week, Enablix attended the Sales Enablement Summit, hosted by the Sales Enablement Collective in New York City. It was our first time sponsoring an SEC event in-person, and it did not disappoint– Zoom is fine, but nothing beats face to face conversations.  The best conversations happen while waiting in line for food or while […]

Ask an Expert: Andrew Gray on Creating Sales Playbooks that Win Deals

sales playbooks

As a sales or enablement professional, there are a few different constant struggles you’re likely seeing: You want your reps to have everything they need to close deals as fast as possible At the same time, you want reps to be taking consistent and repeatable actions that can be scaled throughout the team You want […]

Ask An Expert: Angela Sun On Creating Effective One Pagers

one pager blog

One pagers can be a great selling tool, but what does it take to make an effective one pager? What even is a one pager?   We sat down with Angela Sun, who created a B2B Sales 2-Pager Template to get her advice. She not only shared what she thinks makes a good one pager, but […]