What’s The Difference? Revenue Enablement vs Sales Enablement

Revenue Enablement vs Sales Enablement

Recently, many in the industry have taken to calling many standard sales enablement approaches by a new name: revenue enablement. In fact, many are seeing revenue enablement as a cure-all that will help with stale enablement patterns that haven’t been working: Gartner has gone as far as to say that revenue enablement is “the solution […]

Ask an Expert: Daniel Palay on Creating Value with a Brand Advocacy Program

So much of marketing happens organically, through conversations and recommendations. But, is it possible to use this as part of your marketing strategy by creating an advocacy program? We sat down with Daniel Palay, who has built two advocacy programs from the ground up in the open source software world. He says it’s more about […]

Ask an Expert: Mitchell Comstock on Effectively Measuring Sales Confidence

sales confidence

One of Product Marketing’s chief responsibilities is to arm your sales staff with the content and knowledge they need to be successful. But with so many sales and deal metrics, how do you effectively measure PMM’s contribution to the sales team? We recently sat down with Mitch Comstock from LeadIQ to learn about the power […]

Web3 Trends That Sales Enablement Needs to Adopt

web3 and the future of sales enablement may have some overlap

So, after watching all of the crypto ads at the Super Bowl last week, I started to wonder more about how real this web3 thing is. I mean, if Coinbase can spend $14 million to put a QR code on the screen, the least I can do is understand the digital realm it’s creating, right? […]

Ask an Expert: Farhan Manjiyani on how Product Marketing can fuel Demand Gen

How Should Product Marketing and Demand Gen work together? It’s no secret that product marketing sits between a lot of teams – sales, marketing, CS, product management, sales enablement – the list goes on. But, specifically, how should product marketers approach working with demand generation marketers, arguably the most important part of pushing buyers into […]