Enablix Simplifies Content Enablement and Saves Marketers Time with Automated Content Quality Checks

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Can too much sales and marketing content be a bad thing?

The issue marketing admins that establish a content library face doesn’t have to do with producing content – it’s keeping up with the library once it’s filled with marketing assets. It’s not hard to imagine: Think of the same data sheet uploaded by two SE managers under two slightly different names, or two presentations uploaded by different sales reps with identical content coming from two different sources.

The problem isn’t too much “good” content, but too much duplicated and redundant material – issues that are nearly impossible to catch, but ruin the usefulness of a content library.

That’s why we are excited to introduce Automated Content Quality Checks, drastically reducing the time it takes marketers and product marketers to enable their sales team.

Quality Checks in Action

The Problem: Daily tasks get skipped

The problem is that realistically, not everyone that adds content to a system is paying perfect attention to what they’re adding. For instance, let’s say a sales rep goes to upload a copy of the pitch deck to the content library – is she really going to search and check to see if that presentation is already in there? Or, if it is, will she know that it’s titled differently than what she would call it?

Historically, you’d have your marketer or product marketer go through the library and manually check for issues they see. But, over time, this upkeep gets harder as the library gets bigger, and people have less time for these kinds of activities. The end result is that the content library dips in quality, the tool becomes less useful, and sales reps have less faith in using content.

By the way – this isn’t just a problem in sales enablement, this is also the reason that most internet sites’ searches are garbage. When’s the last time you could successfully find your favorite tweet, or reddit post?


With Automated Content Quality Checks, Enablix uses quality intelligence to automatically find and flag quality issues in the content library, empowering admins to resolve issues in as little as a few clicks – raising the overall content quality of the content library

The Solution: Automate the Boring stuff with Content Quality Checks

Fortunately for marketers, Enablix has found a way to intelligently automate the content library upkeep.

Automated Quality Checks by Enablix bring an end to manual and mindless content library work. By intelligently sweeping through users’ content metadata, Enablix can now flag content issues that pop up over time, giving admins the ability to quickly and cleanly address the issue by adjusting or deleting content. 

Our new automated quality checks feature has been trained on dozens of real-life libraries to find and detect issues that pop up over time. Our detective intelligence combs through a large swath of issues, from as simple as ‘items with the same name but different content’ to complex discoveries like, ‘sussing out customer personas that have no content behind them’. 

Customers included in our beta program have been surprised at how effective the quality checks have been. In fact, Enablix users are reporting that quality checks find issues with 5-10% of the content library – saving hours of needless searching and fixing.

“From a Vacuum to a Roomba”

To show a little more of what automated quality checks can do, check out this short video from CEO Gaurav Harode:

What’s Next?

At Enablix, we are committed to saving sales reps and marketers from wasting time. Automated Quality Checks help us fulfill that vision by removing a lot of the mindless upkeep marketers have had to do for so long – but we’re far from done. If you’d like to see what we’re up to, join our newsletter below, and if you have thoughts on what we’re coming out with let us know: @Enablix.

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