Accelerate and Expand your Sales Pipeline with Account Based Engagement Analytics

It’s the beginning of the quarter and you’re in a sales pipeline review. How do you know which deals are going to close by the end of the quarter?

It’s not an uncommon question, but nearly every rep is going to answer differently. 

  • Many reps will use their gut, some deals just “feel” right based on the cadence and number of meetings as well as the general feeling around the relationship. These are typically establishment reps that have been doing this for their entire career and just know.
  • On the other hand, A few sales engagement softwares like Gong and have tried to put metrics around how prospects act during meetings. This is a potentially powerful tool to capture sentiment, but isn’t very accurate when it comes to longer sales cycles

What if there were a more objective way of looking at your pipeline that provided unbiased metrics that could tell you how likely each opportunity and account were to close? 

This is the exact question we were asking ourselves here at Enablix a few quarters ago. Fortunately, we had the resources to put together an answer – so we did, and it worked well enough we turned it into a product. Introducing: Account-Based Engagement Analytics.


Account-based engagement analytics provide Enablix users with insights on which accounts are engaging with sales content and give detail on exactly how engaged they are, giving an objective measure of engagement for every opportunity. Layering Account-Based Engagement on top of traditional lifecycle analytics allows users to cut through their funnel to tell the difference between accounts likely to close and the ones that won’t.

The Problem: Most Selling Happens Outside of Meetings

The real problem here is that most of the action happens outside of meetings. 

The amount of time spent meeting with a prospect, even in an involved sales cycle, is typically only a few hours a week. This means that even in an ideal scenario, most of the activity between a rep and a prospect is happening outside of meetings through emails and proposals. The problem here, is that you don’t have the luxury of seeing or hearing their response when you send content –  you’re sending all kinds of materials and information with little to no information on their reaction or involvement with it.

Even for sellers using a sales enablement platform and are measuring buyer engagement, it isn’t enough to measure each prospect’s engagement individually, because in most SaaS sales cycles there are whole teams involved. 

The key here is the ability to zoom out from individualized metrics and get an account-wide view of overall brand engagement. Once you achieve that, you have insight into how each sales cycle really is going.

That’s where Account-Based Engagement comes in.

Cut Through the Noise with Account-Based Engagement

Account-Based Engagement measures engagement across every member of an account for every deal in your pipeline, merging data from Enablix and your CRM.

See for yourself:

Engagement across the entire funnel

As previously mentioned, Account-Based Engagement gives you the concrete data to make informed decisions on which bottom of the funnel deals will actually close. But don’t mistake it for a bottom-of-the-funnel tool. Aggregating analytics by account saves users hours a week at the top of the funnel as well.

For every AE’s focused on closing deals, there are 2-5 SDR’s pounding warm and cold leads with content, amounting to thousands of warm/cold emails a month. Account-Based Engagement takes these thousands of accounts and slices through them to highlight the important accounts that are engaging and deserve more personalized follow-ups further in the cadence. By automatically aggregating these details at the account level, your top-of-funnel pipeline gets cut down and allows you to focus on the accounts that actually matter.

Whether you’re rolling out to an enterprise team of 150 reps or your small team of 15, Account-Based analytics will give you the insights you need to close deals faster. This feature is only available for our users with a Hubspot or Salesforce CRM integration.

When it comes to predicting what’s going to close, rely on actual data – not a gut feeling.

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