Nailing your sales kickoff

While a good sales kickoff can set the tone for your team, a bad sales kickoff can be a disaster.

Whether you’re in sales, enablement, marketing, or CS, you’ve likely been involved with a sales kickoff – which is why in this recipe we take special care to give additional detail on how to get the entire team involved. Enjoy!


Find Your "Why"

Let’s face it, planning the perfect sales kick off is tough – use these 6 tips to nail your upcoming SKO.


Determine Your Hybrid Strategy

It used to be easy- you get everyone in a room and kick off your new year. But in 2022, what’s the best way to handle a hybrid kickoff?


It's a Two Way Street! How to Get the Entire Team Involved in the SKO

Your SKO isn’t a big event you’re putting on for your sales team. It’s something that the entire team comes together to create. 


How to Involve Your Customers In Your Sales Kickoff

Getting customer input directly to your sales team can be invaluable if done right. But, it can also be difficult. 


The End is Only the Beginning

Don’t let the SKO ending trick you into thinking it’s all over. Watch more to find out why the end is just the beginning.