• After the kick-off, make sure to get sales input again – what did they like? What did they learn? How can you do your next SKO better?

  • Did you hit your goal? How do you continue to measure your kickoff against your initial reason for having the kickoff in the first place? Following up and being accountable is going to make for a meaningful SKO next year

  • Determine how you want to build on this momentum while still keeping accountability for things going forward. Nothing is going to kill future progress more than seeing everything you promised this year quickly go down the drain.

Build on Your Success

Once the sales kickoff is over, it’s not really over.

Congratulations, you finished the sales kickoff! Now’s your chance to really build on the success from the event.

First reflect, did you hit your goal? Back in step one, when you found your ‘why’… did you hit it Whatever that was, begin to measure whether or not you hit it – that’s what is going to show you whether or not the event itself was what you wanted it to be. Sales feedback is going to be critical, survey the team either formally or informally to find what people liked, but more importantly, what they didn’t.

Nothing’s going to kill your future sales kickoff like seeing this one go to waste. Make sure to celebrate your successes if you’re hitting your goals, but if you’re not remember to be accountable to talk about why the goals didn’t get hit, why the thing you were setting out to do didn’t deliver, and more importantly. Your team will see that, and it’s going to give trust to your future events.