• Content communication with reps is crucial, but over-communication can hurt more than it can help
  • Sales enablement teams need to be empowered to act as a filter to reps so only effective changes are communicated


  • Don’t over-rely on meetings and communication. Make it easy for reps to find anything, even the things they didn’t know existed

What's Happening?

Somewhere along the way, a major misconception flooded the industry that has made organizations feel like not enough information is being sent to their sales team. In fact, the opposite is true – sales teams typically receive too much information, meaning that the good is getting drowned out with the bad and mundane.

If you’ve been following along in our recipe, by now you’ll likely recognize that a ‘perfect’ content library isn’t about how much you have, but how useful it is. The same goes for communication – sales enablement teams have the ability to act as an effective filter to the information the sales team receives, saving them from over communication.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Make it asynchronous. Meetings are great, but reps will tend to ignore or forget anything they hear in content updates. Use Slack, Teams, or email instead.
  • Enablement has to be a filter. Everyone’s going to want to update sales on every product positioning or competitor change, it’s up to the enablement team (and maybe PMM) to find what is valuable and pass it through
  • Make things easy to find. Don’t expect your team to know everything, but make it easy for them to find new pieces of content within their workflow.