• Keeping your content library fresh and up to date will encourage reps to use and engage with the quality content that is there
  • Check internal and external facing content to see what is not being used, remove this content to keep the entire library relevant
  • Learn from the content that is performing well or isn’t getting used, incorporate these findings into your content strategy for the future

Keep It Fresh

If you’re not paying attention to your content library, your reps won’t either. Keeping your content library fresh and up to date is the best way to ensure your reps are making use of the content that marketing is creating. Performing a quality workflow, every 3 to 6 months, ensures that your library only contains high quality content that sales reps actually want to use, and makes the content engine more effective.

To get you started, we’ve put together a 4 step quality workflow for you to revamp and clean out your content library: 

1. Clean out internal content that no one is using or looking for. If no one has opened this in the past 6 months then the content isn’t relevant for them and should be removed. If it does seem like a quality piece of content, let the sales team know or revamp the content to make it more useful.

2. Clean out external content that prospects aren’t engaging with. If reps are sending out content, but it has low engagement this is also something to pay attention to. Update this content or guide your reps to new content that is more effective.

3. Take inventory of content that is performing well. This will give you a better idea of what reps and prospects like, and can help you make more useful content in the future.

Stay in Sync, and Understand the Content Communication Workflow