• Sales creates content all the time – presentations, proposals, long emails, it’s all there. The trick is to get help finding it and making it useful

  • Create a way for sales to easily share content they think could be helpful (a slack channel, an inbox or some kind of central location)

  • Publicize this process so the entire sales team knows about it and how to share what they have

  • Respond quickly when someone shares to keep them coming back

How To Unlock the Power Of Your Sales Team

The sales team creates a lot of assets each day like presentations, proposals and long emails. All of these contain a ton of useful details and information that marketing can turn this into every day content. The problem is, marketing doesn’t see a lot of those prospect emails and presentations, so there needs to be a workflow for sales to volunteer that content. The easiest way to do this:

Make a process: Create an easy system for the sales team to share assets they think could be useful. This might be a slack channel or a folder that makes it quick and easy to drop in content and suggest how it could be used.

Publicize this process: Make sure everyone knows about the process and offer shoutouts to those that contribute.

Respond: Close the workflow loop by giving feedback and gratitude when the sales team follow through. If they share content and hear nothing back, chances are less likely they’ll contribute again in the future.

The CI/CD process for sales content and understand the feedback workflow​