• There is no perfect piece of marketing content, but you can’t just send your first draft to your audience. feedback from your rev teams is necessary to make things that will convert

  • Don’t make this hard on everyone and wait until large pieces or campaigns are finished to ask for feedback, get team input along the way (including on what you are going to create in the future)

  • Make your content interchangeable – don’t only deliver huge finished projects and pieces, but deliver incremental steps and assets along the way that can be easily changed or adjusted with feedback

The Power Of Effective Feedback

There’s a balance between working too much on a piece of content, and not working on it enough. There’s no perfect content, and if we spent all day trying to get there, we wouldn’t be making content very effectively. Feedback from your revenue teams can be that perfect balance of just enough work, while also improving the content to work best for your customers. An effective feedback loop starts with how you are creating and sharing your content. So, what’s the best way to do it?

Don’t wait until it’s done. Ask for feedback along the way to not only save time, but involve your teams in the process instead of just the final product.

Make interchangeable content. Having a one-size-fits-all piece of content is not only unrealistic, it’s going to be more of a hassle to edit or update for a certain use case later on.

Respond to feedback. Whether you use their feedback or not, responding is going to make them more likely to help you out again in the future and will encourage the feedback loop to continue.

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