Finding Content Faster

TreviPay effectively uses content to accelerate sales cycles, and optimizes marketing efforts with an easy-to-manage content library

key outcomes

Sales can easily find content which means the marketing team saves up to 5 hours a week on content distribution

Cross team buy-in with solutioning and platform customization during the onboarding process led to 90% sales team adoption

Prospects and partners can easily engage with content that is shared through content pages

Marketing has time to proactively manage the content library, keeping all content up to date without having to worrying about redistribution


content-driven sales create a content marketing logjam

TreviPay works globally to automate payments and invoicing processes to help B2B buyers and sellers save time and money. They used SharePoint to organize their content library and store all collateral, but as their product and geographical coverage expanded, the platform couldn’t keep up.

As TreviPay tripled their sales team over a year and a half, they began creating more content for more industries in more geographical locations, resulting in a content library too robust and complex for SharePoint to manage. 

This meant outdated content, duplicate content and disorganized folders that made old and new content nearly impossible to find. In fact, Selina Marshall, Brand and Digital Experience Manager at TreviPay, says that “Marketing was producing content that sales didn’t even know that they had”. 

Each time sales reps needed content, the content marketing team had to drop what they were doing to find the right collateral, meaning inefficient usage of the marketing team’s time. 

“Our team drops everything that we're doing because there's a prospect that needs that piece of content. So that's easily five hours of your week on the marketing team trying to get that content in front of sales.”

As the sales team grew, so did the geographical regions that TreviPay served. This added another layer of complexity to content needs that made the SharePoint library even more difficult to navigate. With no way to tag and label content, it became impossible to know which one of the content versions was best suited for which regions.

On top of not being able to find content, there was no easy way to share content, internally or externally. File sizes made it difficult to share multiple pieces of content at once with a prospect or partner. Account managers worked around this by sending separate emails for each file which made it unlikely that the content would actually be viewed or used.

“We couldn't even share all of our pieces of content that we had in one email because the file sizes are too big and we can't share externally in SharePoint. So then account managers would just send five emails for each piece of content.”

Things finally came to a head when the company went through a rebrand, switching from MSTS to TreviPay. Selina notes that this was the moment they knew it was time for a different solution. “[The rebrand] meant redesigning 30 pieces of content within one quarter” which was fine, until it came time to redistribute. All the content that sales, account management and partnerships had been using previously, no longer worked. 

The confusion of SharePoint did more harm than good in this pivotal transition, leading TreviPay to search for another option.

Selina Marshall

Selina Marshall

Brand and Digital Experience Manager, TreviPay

“Enablix helps me fulfill my job as a marketer and to make sure that sales and account management have the content that they need for each stage of the journey, and I can very clearly see that on my content matrix.”


a soft launch with an easy onboarding experience lead to high adoption

A way to visualize content, was on top of the list when TreviPay began their search for a new tool. The tagging and labeling features in Enablix were able to finally create the content matrix that the growing TreviPay team needed. 

“Before we signed the Enablix contract, I had just spent probably 20 hours building out a content matrix, which made it great for the migration because then your team just uploaded all of it with the tags,” says Selina. The ability to not only mark and use content for different industries and regions, but also visualize what content existed across each stage of the buyer journey, became easy.

“Onboarding for TreviPay was honestly kind of fun, because we were able to see such an immediate lift in adoption for their sales team,” said Jennifer Johnson, customer success manager at Enablix. “The team really took to the soft launch, and we were able to observe internal and external analytics really quickly”

The Enablix platform was also able to help with version control issues. Especially during the rebrand, Selina says that “version control was a nightmare”. Given the growing team, redistributing a new file for each update was nearly impossible. So, the single URL for each piece of content meant that updating content was quick, and there was no need for redistribution. 

These URLs were also great for sharing content too. No more sending 5 emails for 5 files, content pages allowed sales and account managers to send unlimited content with one URLs in an easy to read format.

With high initial sales rep adoption following the onboarding process, the team was set up for long term success if they could see ongoing value in the platform.


easy access to content accelerates sales

Onboarding can really make or break the effectiveness of a sales enablement platform, because without buy-in from all teams, it just isn’t useful.

Selina notes the ease of working with the Enablix customer success team for solutioning during onboarding was a pivotal factor in the success of sales team adoption. “I will say, if your team didn’t do that [onboarding exercise], we probably wouldn’t have been able to have the adoption that we’ve had with the platform. There’s no way we would’ve been able to get sales to use the tool if your team hadn’t done that.”

For Selina and the rest of the TreviPay team, the improvements that came with implementing Enablix were easy to see. Sales is now able to quickly search for content they need, meaning more content usage and more effective use of the marketing teams’ time.

“It helps me fulfill my job as a marketer and to make sure that sales and account management have the content that they need for each stage of the journey and I can very clearly see that on my content matrix.”

Not only is more content being used, but more content is being engaged with because content sharing has become streamlined and easy to access.

Prior to implementing Enablix, the TreviPay team was constantly reacting to what sales needed or trying to sort through the confusing SharePoint system. Things were messy and inefficient with multiple hours a week being dedicated to just managing content. 

With the Enablix platform, the TreviPay team can not only react to content needs, but proactively update and predict future content needs.