Why Marketing Should Own Sales Content Enablement

sales content enablement

Sales Enablement is a growing function. However, when it comes to sales content enablement, Marketing should be the owner of the content enablement program with Sales Enablement working with marketing in a lockstep.

6 Scenarios When Reps Need Content Outside A Sales Opportunity

sales rep needs the right content

Content is a core part of today’s sales and marketing process. B2B companies are investing in content to educate their audience, their buyers, and win deals. Many organizations use content to generate leads and drive interest in their offerings. And, the use of content does not stop there. Once an opportunity is identified and prospects […]

A 90 Day Content Enablement Story

90 Day Enablement Story

We all recognize the challenges in justfying a sales enablement budget. Company and sales leadership understands the benefits of training and coaching activities. However, when it comes to content enablement, it can be difficult to justify the spend. Therefore, on launching a content enablement program, marketers and sales enablers want to demonstrate quick wins to […]