Educate, Retain, Grow

Grow and Retain Revenue with Customer Enablement

Enablix Customer Enablement

Dedicated Customer Enablement Platform

Don't miss opportunities to turn customers into trusted partners. Educate and grow with customers to deepen the relationship and upsell your offering

Continuous Customer Education

Create customized learning paths and assessments for customers to follow based on their products and use cases

Reduce Cost of Customer Support

Faster Customer Onboarding

Make onboarding a breeze and ensure no one misses a step with custom microsites and mutual action plans. With dedicated content, resources, and task management tools, you can simplify the onboarding process and delight your customers from the very beginning.

Our sales and customer success teams really love the external-facing content pages. Product marketing has provided them with templates within Enablix to build these content pages, which they customize with a customer's logo and access to various marketing, support, onboarding materials. Sharing the secure link to the content pages with customers allows for a seamless way to build their knowledge about our software.

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Maximize Engagement

Keep Customers Informed With Broadcasts

Enablix Broadcasts keep your customers informed of product updates and changes in a targeted and segmented approach. Delivering relevant content to users based on their experience and use cases ensures they are always up-to-date and engaged with your product.

Customer Enablement Platform

Retain, Grow, and Upsell your Customer Base

Why Choose Enablix?

Dedicated Customer Enablement Platform

Bringing everything you need for customer enablement into a single place, so sales and CS can collaborate easier

Easy to Maintain

Users only spend less than two hours per week maintaining the content library because of Enablix Content Intelligence.

Grow and Retain

Teams using Enablix for customer enablement grow customer 15% faster than comparable organizations

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