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Guided Selling

Arm reps with winning content for their opportunities

Reps need different types of content assets to support their selling process. Recommend targeted content to reps through the buyer's journey and increase win probability.
  • Recommend reps priority content through the buyer's journey.

  • Enable reps with content for different buyer personas and improve buyer conversations.

  • Improve buyer engagement to build a trusted relationship.

  • Serve content inside the CRM app in context of their accounts and opportunities.

Reduce Ramp Time

Onboard new reps faster with quality content and playbooks

The faster you can ramp up your sales reps, the faster they can close deals. Use content to help ramp-up your new hires. Build on-boarding playbooks that prepare your reps to start closing.
  • Create onboarding playbooks that leverage recorded videos and tactics.

  • Automate distribution of onboarding content to new reps.

  • Share digestible content and increase knowledge retention.

  • Educate them on your business and market landscape.

Buyer Engagement

Know when buyers engage with your shared content

Share content with your buyers and learn when they engage with your content. Provide your buyers with a value-driven content experience.

Sales Productivity

Simplify content discovery to improve sales efficiency

Fast access to the right content can increase a rep's efficiency many folds. Reps can find the right content, in less time, focusing on the more important task of selling.
  • Take the guesswork out of content discovery.

  • Reps always have access to the latest and trusted content.

  • Access the same content assets from different apps.

  • Reduce offline content request and wait times to close deals faster.