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Data-Driven Enablement

Content Enablement Powered By Insights

Modern sellers need quality content to deliver “buyer value” and accelerate pipeline. Content insights help marketers and sales enablers make smarter content investments.

For Marketing

For Marketing

Track sales and buyer content engagement to take the guesswork out of your content investments.

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For Sales

For Sales

Respond faster, and with confidence, to buyer needs. Have more time for your buyer, improving sales velocity.

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Centralize access to trusted content

Marketers are responsible for the content to support both the buyer and customer journey. But marketers face efficiency and adoption challenges when enabling revenue teams with trusted content.
  • Create a central hub for trusted content.

  • Say goodbye to redundant content requests from sales.

  • Keep marketing and sales on the same page with improved sales communication.

  • Speed up content audit and content refresh to stay buyer-relevant


Enable with the right content in the right context

Growing organizations benefit from improving sales rep efficiency. Enablix can eliminate the difficulty to find the relevant content by arming reps with the right content through the sales process.
  • Reps receive targeted content in the context of their opportunities.

  • SDRs have access to approved content to nurture buyers and prospects.

  • On-board new reps faster and reduce time-to-close

  • Reps are no longer wasting time on content discovery

Track & Measure

Use content insights for smarter content investment

What gets measured gets improved. By tracking sales and buyer engagement, marketing can make informed content investments to accelerate the buying process.
  • Track sales content engagement across different engagement channels

  • Track buyer's content engagement to learn what works

  • Measure content attribution across the buyer’s journey

  • Identify content gaps across the buyer’s journey


Integrates with your sales and marketing stack

Organizations have already made significant investments in their sales and marketing stack. Enablix integrates with your organization's sales and marketing stack and supplements the current sales and marketing process.
  • Leverage your current content management sources to centralize access to trusted content without duplicating assets

  • Reps can engage with content in their CRM and sales engagement apps

  • Comply with your organization's security by leveraging our security integrations