• At its core, a case study is just a real-life example of how one of your customers found value in using your product.

  • Because it’s all about value, customers are more likely to grant approval for case study requests when they’ve recently had a very positive experience.

  • Work with your CS and Sales teams to look for and monitor key indicators of when customers or prospects may be especially delighted with your brand, and make your request when the time is right.

It's All About When

There’s good news and bad news.

Bad news: The unfortunate truth about case studies is that, unless you’re a prestige brand, it’s really hard to make them happen on your time. 

Good news: It’s still possible to find a right time… it may just not be right away.

Customers are far more likely to agree to participate in a case study when they’ve had a major ‘win’ with the product. This could be anything from a big win (your product saved them a lot of time or money), or even small wins (easy, successful onboarding). Monitor and watch for these signs and make your ask when the time is right.

Coupling with our tactic in step 1, this should mean that your sales and CS teams are looking for big wins your prospects and customers have and relaying that knowledge to you for a friendly connection. Getting a warm intro on the back of a big success is going to raise the chances of getting the ‘yes’.

It’s not all about you! How to create a process where both teams win.