Increase Partner Sales and Raise Content Engagement

Global sales enablement solution for both partner relationship and content needs, without the
constant marketing upkeep

key outcomes

Over 90% of sales reps use Enablix monthly, with over 50% using it weekly

Enablix provides total visibility into partner teams’ activity, creating partner revenue growth

Sales reps save over 1 hour a week searching for content

Better access to content raises prospect engagement by 20%

"I log into Enablix maybe twice a week . . . the platform just stays up to date"
Sr. Product Marketing Manager


Content Enablement For A Large Sales Force With Limited Marketing Resources

The marketing team at the broadcast company was running into a familiar problem. The world’s leading provider of live video and internet connectivity for critical communications, powering everything from Olympics coverage and many local news stations’ feeds to real-time video and mobile command connectivity for public safety agencies, was tasked with making and distributing content to a large sales force scattered across the globe – with limited resources. For every marketer, there were more than 50 downstream sales or partner reps, all with different demands and content needs.

They fell into a familiar pattern: Because they created and stored all of their marketing content in Google Drive, they had weekly sales and marketing content syncs to review all material. However, their partnership team didn’t have access to their internal Drive account – leaving them to create weekly email newsletters that they sent to the partnership team. 

The internal sales meetings were mostly silent, and there wasn’t any feedback from the newsletters – but that didn’t necessarily mean that sales and partnerships were perfectly happy, but feedback would come so piecemeal that it was hard to put together into any solid themes.

“In the beginning, the marketing team was creating content in a vacuum” said one Senior Product Marketing Manager. “We didn’t have any visibility into what the sales team was accessing or sharing, and we definitely didn’t have any data on what our prospects were engaging in. It was kind of a mess.”

On top of that, their partner network, stretching globally across multiple industries, created a different problem for internal content. Different partners would need separate pricing and enablement materials based on their region, tier, product, and other factors – meaning that tracking which partners get access to which pieces of collateral is a nightmare.

With the pressure to better organize and track internal and external content mounting, they knew they needed a solution. That’s when they found Enablix.


Enablix’s Flexible Platform Solves Both Partner Relationship Management And Content Enablement Needs

After an extensive survey of the landscape, the team was torn: Should they invest in a partner relationship management tool to ease management of their partners, or do they abandon those needs in favor of a sales content enablement tool?

“At the time, we were actually leaning towards purchasing a partnership relationship management tool, because we felt that we could potentially handle the content issues in-house,” said the company’s CRO.  “However, Enablix was the only solution that offered a free pilot, which was really enticing for us – so we decided to start a trial, and never looked back.”

They made the decision to start a free 45-day trial of Enablix, establishing success criteria that would determine whether or not it was the right platform for them. By week 3, however, Enablix had already proved it would meet their needs.

“After talking with their team, I was really excited for them to see the product in action with their content.” said Gaurav Harode, CEO at Enablix. “The flexibility baked into our product was perfect for their partner enablement use case, and I couldn’t wait for them to start realizing benefits”.

Key to the implementation was Enablix’s flexible user and content management, allowing administrators to quickly and easily assign access levels to partners, content types, and individual pieces of content. The complicated many-to-many relationships between sales, partners, and pricing seemingly disappeared, taking only seconds to upload and provision new pieces of collateral with the correct permissions.

Additionally, Enablix’s native integrations came in handy for the team. Enablix’s GSuite integration allowed the team to keep all of their data stored within Google and utilize Enablix as an access layer. On top of that, Enablix integrated with the organization’s Klue competitive intelligence battlecards and resources meaning the sales team didn’t have to change anything about their existing workflow – they could now use and share Klue internally alongside all of their internal and external content. 

Just 6 weeks after starting the initial pilot, the Enablix platform was rolled out to all of their revenue teams – starting first with their internal sales team and extending to their partner teams after. Immediately, they began to get insight into which partners were accessing and adopting content, and how different collateral drove external engagement. But what could they do with that information?


Global Sales Enablement without constant marketing upkeep

After using Enablix for a few months, the marketing team was starting to experience the benefits of the system.

“Right away, we started to see internal adoption take off among our sales teams and partners,” said the Senior Product Marketer. “The incoming flood of data helped us to prioritize the kinds of content we were coming out with, as well as inform the sales team which partners to follow up with based on how they accessed and shared content”.

They immediately began to see better alignment between their sales and marketing teams, facilitated by Enablix’s content enablement platform. And while ‘alignment’ is impossible to measure, the team has seen incredible growth: Since implementing Enablix, this broadcast provider has seen a 15% increase in partner sales, with sales reps estimating they save 3-5 hours a week trying to find content.

But, it isn’t just the increased revenue and overall content engagement, it’s how easy it seems to be. “I log into Enablix maybe twice a week” reports one of their Product Marketing Managers. “The platform allows me to spend most of my time creating content and talking with our sales team, and Enablix just stays up to date”.

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