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Paddle Fuels their Sales Team with Enablix

How 5 Members of the Paddle team use Enablix to organize content,
onboard new team members and track prospect analytics

key outcomes

Account Executives are able to onboard faster and hit quota consistently starting in their first quarter 

SDR’s ramp consistently – meaning fewer months of missed quota

Insights and analytics give sales the tools they need to tailor the sales process to each prospect

Sales Enablement team is able to spend less time managing content and other admin tasks

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disorganized Content made for an inconsistent buying journey

Paddle, one of the leading providers of payment infrastructure for SaaS companies, works with B2B and B2C SaaS companies world-wide to help them get paid, and stay compliant. The only issue: they had a major sales content problem.

When Orla Pollard joined the team as the Head of Sales Enablement in early 2022, she described their content as “absolute chaos”. With no effective structure in place to keep track of content, reps would constantly just Slack their managers in order to find content or to get answers to their questions. 

As the search for a solution began, Orla became plagued with low value tasks like organizing existing content and manually sending sales with the resources they needed.

It was incredibly painful.

I have never seen so many Google files in my life, all in different folders. There were some pages there that were out of date, some stuff in Slack. Essentially it was the Wild West.

In addition to content problems, the team was also growing – which made tasks like onboarding new reps or just having re-occurring training sessions far more time consuming than need be. As the sales team expanded at a rapid pace, they soon felt the need for templated onboarding that still felt detailed and personalized. Plus, with remote team members spanning multiple different time zones, there was an overwhelming need for a single source of truth that everyone could access at any time. 

With content, learning, and onboarding problems becoming more time-consuming, the team found Enablix.


Effective enablement for scaling teams

Paddle was searching for a dual content management and learning management  solution that could bring a more sophisticated level of operation to their sales process, while also leaving room for their robust growth goals. In onboarding Enablix, Paddle was able to take back control of their content, and identify where new content needed to be created.

But it wasn’t just effective for the sales team, Enablix was able to eliminate a lot of the value work that the sales enablement team has to do to keep the platform relevant for the sales team – check out with Tom Wigmore, Senior Sales Enablement Manager had to say:

Learning and training also became more streamlined as learning paths were created to onboard new reps. These highly effective courses helped BDRs and AEs get up to speed quicker and hit their goals faster. 

Onboarding with Enablix was great, I could easily see all of the content and digest it in multiple different ways, so I feel like I actually like got it, learned it, and then could apply it.

In addition to content organization and streamlined processes, the sales team was able to gain massive visibility into the sales cycle with analytics. These insights helped sales understand who was opening content externally, and helped the enablement team understand what was being used or not used internally. Not only making use of current content, but paving the way for better, more effective content in the future.


More Effective Onboarding for AEs and BDRs

To start – let’s look at the hard data: AE onboarding time has decreased, and SDR onboarding is more consistent. 

a content library that's Easy to search and use

Having a single source of truth for all sales content has been a game changer making it easy for sales to find the content they need, no matter what time of day it is, or what time zone they’re in.

“I recently needed to review some legal pieces, and it was after hours for my legal team, so I went into Enablix, searched “legal playbook” and had all of everything laid out for me from a sales enablement perspective. So I was able to answer those questions for my prospects quickly.”

Not only does this help in searching for content, but in understanding what content is needed. The sales enablement team can now clearly see where gaps in content exist and work quickly to fill them, ensuring that their sales team always has the resources they need.

Personalized interactions with prospects

Insights and analytics on prospect activity not only helps the team close more deals, but provide a more personalized sales cycle. Details like how long a prospect is looking at content, or what areas of content are being viewed most often, can help AEs like Amarni understand buyer intent and where to focus his sales efforts.

“When you come off the call with a prospect, you're kind of just into the darkness, you don't really know how engaged they are. So having an Enablix for me, on a daily basis is super helpful because I can just see like, which bits in particular are they super interested in, and see like their buyer intent as well.”

a real partnership

At the end of the day, the Paddle team realized from the beginning that choosing Enablix as their sales enablement platform meant eschewing other platforms that had been around longer or had a larger corporate footprint. See how Orla describes what the partnership with Enablix has meant, and how she absolutely knows she made the right decision when choosing a provider that will help her team hit their goals: