Centralizing Marketing and Sales Content

Lightspeed DMS fully embeds Enablix into their platform and website, becoming an engine for their content-driven sales and marketing workflows

key outcomes

Reps are able to find and share information quickly and easily – shortening sales cycles by 20%

Analytics show how customers are engaging with in-app alerts, helping to measure customer engagement

Onboarded 500+ assets and integrated Enablix capabilities into the website, product and sales team 

Analytics help reps understand when prospects are ready to be re-engaged to close deals with less effort

Reps are able to find and share information quickly and easily – shortening sales cycles by 20%

Analytics show how customers are engaging with in-app alerts, helping to measure customer engagement

Onboarded 500+ assets and integrated Enablix capabilities into the website, product and sales team 

Analytics help reps understand when prospects are ready to be re-engaged to close deals with less effort


establishing their own system for managing content

It’s an age old issue for sales and marketing teams: How do you keep your website and sales team updated with content for an ever-changing product suite?

Lightspeed DMS is a dealership management software, helping dealers with their reporting, accounting and more. After corporate changes created them as a standalone entity in the spring of 2023, they were charged with ambitious growth goals and strategic changes. 

Amid this structural change, Lightspeed also faced the issue of keeping their ever changing collateral up to date. With brochures and one-pagers that were constantly being updated, the team needed a way to streamline content management.

Product Marketing Lead, Diana Wilberscheid started shortly after the split:

“When I first started at Lightspeed, we had just been spun off as our own division, and really we were in the process of moving all of our marketing assets to a different platform. And at that point we stopped and we started doing everything over to Enablix, and I was very involved in that.”

These content versioning issues proved that it was time for the Lightspeed team to find a better way to organize, store and maintain their content.

Without a single source of content, Diana explains how sales reps would find content. “What you see before with sales reps, if they don’t have a tool like an Enablix, they will search on their own desktop, find something, or they forward an old email that they’ve used before. And that can cause many things: A, it’s got old content, and B, they might not even change the message.”

Plus, once that content was sent out, the team had no way of knowing what customers were looking at or interacting with. Diana explains that one component of the Lightspeed system is alerts that they call tiles. “We knew that people were looking at those alerts because it’s kind of telling them like, Oh, you know, here’s the new release notes or here’s a new feature that we have, but we had no way to measure that before. It just was a product feature that we couldn’t measure.”

During the split, it became clear that if the team was going to achieve their growth goals as a standalone company, they needed to change the way their sales and marketing teams were storing, accessing, using and updating their content.

Meet the team

diana lightspeed

Diana Wilberscheid

Product Marketing Lead

michael matson

Michael Matson

Account Executive


Deeper analytics from sales content

The Lightspeed team started seeing the benefits of a single content source almost instantly. As part of the split from their former parent company, Lightspeed needed to set up their own website. Diana shares how they integrated Enablix into this website to not only help with the initial set up, but to make updating the site easier in the future.

“We're probably using Enablix a little bit differently where even on our public website, if you go into our resource hub, a lot of our brochures and collateral, where they're actually housed and stored, is in Enablix, rather than as a file upload in WordPress. We're tracking them in Enablix, one for versioning and two, because we can often get more analytics on that as well.”

But, the website wasn’t the only place that Lightspeed integrated Enablix. By using Enablix links within their product the team was able to get analytics and visibility they didn’t have before. Specifically with their tile alerts: “So what we were able to do with our tiles is, again, they actually link to an Enablix page. And so I can see exactly how many times somebody has viewed or looked at those tiles, and that’s been really a driver for us… And we know it’s working where before we’re like, do they read those? Do they care? So analytics and the way we’ve figured out to use it in both our product itself and the Lightspeed DMS and even on our website as a resource. I love the analytics that I can get from the system.

Check out this video to hear more about how insights and analytics gave the team visibility into how customers were using Lightspeed DMS:

While Enablix was being tightly integrated into the website and product, Lightspeed needed sales team buy-in to ensure reps were utilizing the platform for accessing and sharing content too. Onboarding an enablement tool correctly is the key to getting that buy-in, which is why Lightspeed focused heavily on implementation. With support from Enablix’s CS team, the team was able to get the entire platform up and running in under 2 weeks

“So the team from Enablix really did a lot of our first heavy lift to get all of our marketing assets on the platform. And put through our categories and then I could go back and fine tune those as needed. You know, in that process, I mean, we had probably about 500 assets at that time. That process was done very quickly. I mean, we probably had it really up and running within like a week and a half. I mean, it was pretty easy to do.”

Diana notes that this process happened so quickly because she was dedicated to getting this project done quickly. By focusing on this and working closely with Enablix’s CS team, the whole process was streamlined.

Integrating Enablix into the website, product and sales team’s day to day operations, not only helped them work towards their ambitious growth goals, but made the entire team more efficient too. 


keeping content up to date

Previously Diana had explained that they began using Enablix links on their public website. While they originally started doing this for the analytics, she explains how this method also helps when it comes time to update those assets each quarter.

“Typically about once a quarter, we'll update our overview brochures because we're releasing new product functionality every month, and so we'd like to make sure that's in our overview brochures. And it's so nice because what I'm able to do in Enablix is go out to that document, my overview brochure, upload the new one. I can put in a new file date, but it replaces that file completely. Every place it's used. So if a rep's already got that document in one of their micro sites, we use a lot of the documents from Enablix as links out on our public website. I only have to update it one time and now those links are automatically updated everywhere that that document is used. So it's such a huge time saver.”

re-engaging prospects

But, the Enablix links and analytics aren’t just helpful for the marketing team, Michael Matson, Account Executive at Lightspeed shares how these analytics have helped him to re-engage customers based on their engagement activity. 

“I've sent documents over, I've sent additional information over. And maybe they don't have time right then and there, but a month, month and a half later, I can see that they've reengaged. I can see what they're looking at. And then I have a great opportunity to follow up. And it really takes the whole cold call out of the sales light. And so we can really go in warm. We can go in very specifically with. You know, what it is that they might be looking at or what they might be trying to achieve in their business”

Check out this video to hear how Michael used these analytics to close a deal:

Integrations for sales rep adoption

Integrations are also an important part of making Enablix quick and easy for the sales team to use. Diana even notes that the native Enablix-Salesforce integration was as key factor in their decision to buy Enablix.

“With Salesforce and Enablix integration, I mean it was key for us to even to pick this as the platform and for our sales people, they really live in Salesforce every day. They get there in the morning, they log in, and they turn it on. So even to have to open another application like Enablix, they just wouldn't think of it.

But the integration is so tight that it's just another tab across the top of Salesforce that says Enablix. So they click on that and really they're able to stay in Salesforce, they don't have to think about it, and they can see all of the marketing assets that we have available.”

By not only adopting Enablix, but fully integrating the tools into their workflows, the Lightspeed team has been able to better understand and serve their customers. Even during the stress of splitting from another company, they were able to become more efficient and effective, with insights to help them streamline the sales process and continue closing deals.